Sunday, March 25, 2012

SALN cases, it is not just a mere scrap of paper.

We try to list all cases of government employess who were dismissed from service for non reporting of business interest, even the ownership of two cars in the SALN form.

1. [Ref 1] NARITA RABE, complainant, vs. DELSA M. FLORES, Interpreter III, RTC, Branch IV, Panabo, Davao, respondent:

Dishonesty and for failure to disclose in her SALN her business interest which was a stall in the market. (Section 8, RA 6713).
“Decision: Dismissal from service with forfeiture of all retirement benifits, accrued vacation leave with prejudice to reemployment. — SC

2. [Ref 2] Taxpayer vs Doblada, RTC Sheriff ( June 8. 2005) Violation: Inconsistencies, and omissions in his SALN consisting of properties and business interest. Declared only 2 years or more later.
“Decision: Dismissal — RTC

3.[REf 2] Flores vs Montamayor ( June 8,2011). Violation: Failure to declare 2 expensive cars in his 2001 and 2002.
“Decision: Dismissal —SC

4. [Ref 2] Pleyto vs PNP-CIDG (November 23, 2007) Violation: Negligence for failure to provide detailed list in the SALN of his assets and business and relying to the family bookkeeper and signed it. SALN fully disclose all his assets and wife had business interests.

5. [Ref. 3]: Carabeo's failure to disclose three motor vehicles
misdeclaring the acquisition cost of a real property in Laguna, and falsely declaring his net worth in his SALN for 2003.

WARNING: Supreme Court: SALN contents can't be 'corrected'
If the defense panel think that Corona can correct his erroneous SALN filings, his own institution has already judged on this aspect.

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