Thursday, June 21, 2012

What is happening to the US government?

The US government simply does not trust its citizens to have their own herbal gardens, plant their own trees, or generate their own electricity or even store emergency food!.
The government wants every one to be dependent on it for health services, and to be dependent on giant drug companies to deliver expensive drug cures. It expects everyone to buy produce from agribusiness farms which are subsidized!

Case in point of this alarming government: Please click on the link: govt criminalizes self-reliance.

Monday, June 18, 2012

So many nominees to fill in the SC Chief justice vacancy. We should not be unhappy.

This is an oppurtunity to pick a chief justice who will have strong position against graft and corruption and "utang na loob", or blind unthinking loyalty, exhibited by the previous chief justice.

Here are some of the candidates, with nominations ended today, June 18.

Manuel Siayngco Jr.retired judge
Rafael Morales law professor and
Sycip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan managing partner
Nepomuceno Aparislawyer and Ormoc vice mayor
Jocelyn Esquivelnurse
Raul Pangalangan former U.P. Law Dean
Katrina Legardawomen's rights advocate
Kim Henares BIR commisioner
Leila de Limaformer Commissioner on Human Rights and Justice Secretary
Francis JardelezaSolicitor General
Dean Cesar Villanuevaformer dean Ateneo Law school
Marianito Sadondoncillo lawyer
Antonio Carpioacting chief justice
Presbitero Velasco Jr.Senior Associate Justice of the SC
Teresita Leonardo-de CastroSenior Associate Justice of the SC
Arturo BrionSenior Associate Justice of the SC
Diosdado PeraltaSenior Associate Justice of the SC
Teddy Boy Locsinformer Makati City representative
Frank Chavezformer solicitor general
Jose Perezassociate justice of the SC
Roberto Abadassociate justice of the SC
Maria Lourdes Serenoassociate justice of the SC
Marvic LeonenGovt. chief peace negotiator
Rene SarmientoElections Commisioner
Amado Valdezdean,UE College of Law
Roan LibariosIBP president
Rodolfo Robles lawyer
Pedro Aquino lawyer
Raphael Lotillaformer Energy Secretary
Gilberto Teodoroformer Secretary of Defense and presidential candidate

We hope to complete the list by tomorrow!

Today June 18, 2012 is the deadline for submission of nominations.

On June 25, the Judicial Bar Council will come up with the initial list of candidates for public interviews in the first week of July.

We have many (> 40) nominees for the JBC to make a short list for the President B.S. Aquino to choose from. But it is to be noted that Pres. Aquino DOES NOT have to choose from the short list!

We hope that the best nominee gets appointed. To this blogger, Acting Antonio Carpio, by virtue of the being the most senior associate justice gets the favored nod. Again, Pres. Aquino may choose another person!

Friday, June 1, 2012

An injustice in the impeachment of the Chief Justice


Corona may get separation pay, benefits

After impeaching Corona of betrayal of public trust due to non-disclosure of his 4.2 million US dollars and 80+Million peso accounts, the notice of conviction included the following:

“Wherefore, in accordance with Article XI Section 3 (7) of the Constitution, the penalty of removal from office and disqualification to hold any office under the Republic of the Philippines is hereby imposed upon respondent Chief Justice Renato C. Corona,” the decision read.

We read that the conviction results in the removal of office and disqualification to hold a future govt office. But wait! Some people are now claiming that there Corona is entitled to separation and retirement and other benefits since it is not explicitly stated.

We protest this "humanitarian" treatment of Corona. Really his retirement and separation benefits should be witheld! We now see that some Pinoys, like the Majority House Leader in position,like Neptali Gonzales II and
Senator/Judge Francis Escudero those whose opinions may count, do not see the possible injustice done to a dismissed lowly court-interpreter Delsa Flores who was deprived of benefits.

Conclusion: Only the convicted rich gets their separation benefits, while any poor convicted employee is deprived of his/her benefits.

Justice be dammed in the Philippines if Corona gets to enjoy his separation and retirement benefits!