Developments during trial break

We start a convenient page showing developments external to the trial proper itself during the 6 week break. the trial will resume in May.

We sometimes forget to note the date of news or opinion items but we try to be accurate and request readers to comment on the veracity of the contents of this page.

Date Events
april 9,2012

april 8, 2012
april 4, 2012

march 30, 2012
march 28, 2012
march 27,2012
  • Corona changes story on California property.
    We congratulate Raissa Robles for marshalling crowd sourcing to get documents showing that Mariah Charina Corona alone bought property at Roseville California. It might be a white lie but was still a lie when the Chief Justice said his family has no properties in the USA.
march 26, 2012
march 25, 2012
march 24, 2012

march 23, 2012

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