Thursday, December 19, 2013

Unflattering news on the Binays.

The Binays sure want to be in the news. Whether the news is good or bad, the Binays has this urge to be always on the headlines, the better to resonate and be embedded in the consciousness of the people who will vote in the next presidential elections to be held in 2016.

The latest "scandal" involves the Makat mayor and son of Senator Binay, who never hides his obsession on running for the top elective position of the land in 2116, the Presidency of the Philippines. Here is a video of what transpired last November 30, 2013at Dasmarinas Village in Makati, a rich enclave of high officials, foreign diplomats and Filipino millionaires.

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What happened was that the Mayor and his party wanted to get out of this gate, but the poor guards had to obey the rules that vehicles are not allowed to pass this gate after 10PM. There is in fact an alternate exit gate only 150 meters away, but the bullying mayor's police escorts forced the gate open and even arrested, following the mayor's order, three of the guards for doing their jobs( the excuse was to check the licenses of their handguns.)

Incredibly, the Binay camp avers that the three security guards VOLUNTARILY went along voluntarily to the police station!

These people are abusive. Imagine if they are at the higher levels of authority.

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