Saturday, August 3, 2013

A terrorist oganization forces a superpower to close 21 consulates

You cannot defeat the United States directly in a military war. With its vast arsenal of advanced fighter jets, ships and nuclear powered submarines, no lunatic country dare start a war with the USA.

Yet we have a terrorist organization Al Qaeda successfully forcing the US to close 21 consulates around the world and issue a travel alert for American citizens! see the links:



First of all the consulates are all located in Muslim countries!Here is a case where a a minority Islamic terrorist organization have succeeded in terrorizing Muslim countries where the majority of the population do not support its dangerous aims and goals.

As a start of solving thie terrorism problem, we should never sympathize with Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. Next Muslim countries should reign in religious leaders teaching hate and death to Israel.

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  1. "...reign in (those teaching) hate and death to Israel."

    OK, Ernest--would you then limit
    free speech?

    Remember...I'm on YOUR side!