Monday, August 26, 2013

Who will charge Mr. Brian Yamsuan with bribery, graft or corruption?

People with lots of money to burn love the gaming tables. One was Brian Yamsuan, a PR consultant working for the office of the Executive Secretary Mr. Paquito Ochoa.

Mr. Yamsuan reportedly lost P5 million in a poker game at Resorts World Manila. He borrowed money from casino financiers only to even bigger.

The link to PDAF scandal was that a senator communicated with Ms. Napoles to help him out of debt. It is rumored that Ms. Napoles give so much cash to Mr. Brian Yamsuan to cover his debts who had to sell his condo units and some personal cars.

These wheelings and dealings have tarnished the image of the Office of the President.
We are glad that Pres. Noynoy has fired this PR man, but we ask.

1. What specific laws has this PR man broken?
2. will this lead to the resignation of Sec. Ochoa?
3. Who was the senator who asked Napoles to fix Yamsuan's gmbling debts? In olden times, a good senator will resign out of delicadeza.

In other countries, being tainted of association with shady characters is enough reason for resignation.

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