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Obama turns chicken, gives Russia, Iran and Hezbollah reasons to crow about

In the news, Obama asks permission alone, without any support from the Dept. of Defense, from Congress for military action against the regime in Syria. Although our post's title may be harsh on Obama, it is a reflection that his hands are tied. You see, Obama will act only if he is backed by the UN Security Council and the US Cogress. In fact, let us not forget he was voted by Americans to get out of foreign wars and interventions.

So we can compare Obama with Reagan who is already secure in American history as a strong leader.But although we can say both are products of their age, let us not forget that Obama is the president of the United States. He could indeed order a military strike on his own, a gamble with political rewards and terrible losses if it goes awry.Whatever, let us give time for Obama who is on his last term.

Syria's Assad will not achieve stability for his country. He has proven himself a butcher of his own country. He can fool a lot of people, but not all the time. We hope he will have the decency to step down or face the wrath of the ordinary Syrian people.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

A prophet is not honored in his own country! Panfilo Lacson haunting speech against pork in 2003!

Speech delivered by Senator Pamfilo Lacson in the Senate in 2003!

Mr. President, I rise today on a question of personal and collective privilege.

Last week, we passed the Senate version of the General Appropriations Bill of 2003. No less than the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and principal sponsor of the bill aptly described the 2003 budget as “bare-bones”, thus appealing to his colleagues to contribute their share to arrest the projected budget deficit which our economic managers expect to hit the PhP300B mark by year-end.

I now answer the call.

I call for the scrapping of a very corrupt and corrupting system in our political institutions. All I ask are a few minutes of your precious time - and of your mind.

We now must move to abolish the pork barrel system. We must see its end during our watch without need to mourn its loss. It is a virus of corruption that must die.

And, there is no better hall on this space on earth to make it happen than the Senate - expectedly, a place of men and women with mature age, with honor, with dignity, with integrity. Further, there is no better time to declare its end than now - when the country’s budget deficit is at an alarmingly uncontrollable pace. For the past year, it was PhP213B. Of course, we do not believe the numbers.

One thing, I may say is apodictic. It is still counting. There is nothing in the pork barrel system that gives us pride. There

Voice from the past:

Ping urged pork abolition is only everything that makes us hide in shame.

It should not matter anymore under what name the system sounds. Be it the Countrywide Development Fund, or the Congressional Initiative Allocation, or the Priority Development Assistance Fund. It is, and will remain to be a fund of compulsive corruption.

The name itself traces its origin to the pre-civil war days in the United States when, in periodic fits of generosity, white masters would give their black slaves salted pork in barrels. More often than not, the eagerness of the slaves would result in ugly shoving and rushing to grab more pork than the others. The more pork one could grab for himself, the more triumphant he would appear than the others who were meek and reluctant.

We may not realize it, but the Filipino people would sometimes see us behave like slaves rushing to the pork barrel. A critic has a worse description - that of swines rushing to get more slabs than they can consume.

Mr. President, our countrymen expect to see every peso of their taxes wisely spent on every project. They become profoundly disillusioned everytime they are robbed of it.

Let me say now what they hate to hear. But they must hear what we have been afraid to say.

Under the pork barrel system, only less than half of the taxpayers’ money actually goes to the programs of work. More than half habitually goes to the pockets of corruption. Occasionally, depending on the insatiability of the corrupt, a shameful twenty percent of the fund is left to finance the project. Holy mackerel.

We can pretend all day not to know. But the Filipino people have never been stupid not to see through such pretense.

Let me give the breakdown. It is nasty.

• 2% goes to the Commission on Audit as S.O.P.

• 10% is given to the district engineer and other officials of the Department of Public Works and Highways.

• 2% is passed on to the Barangay Chairman.

• 14% goes to the contractor - 10% in profit and 4% as value-added tax, thank God!

• 5-10%, if the Mayor or Governor so demands.

• And - hold your breath - 20% of project cost is earmarked for the legislator who identifies the project.

Shares sometimes vary depending on greed.

Even the billboards that advertise the proponents of infrastructure projects are overpriced.

Legislators who allocate funds for the purchase of medicines and other pharmaceutical products, as well as school supplies get bigger take. By how much, Mr. President? Some suppliers say, it is, “from here to eternity.”

In a book published in 1998 by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, entitled, “Pork and Other Perks,” the author wrote about vivid accounts of actual pay-offs involving legislators. Thus, a pay-off usually takes place inside the office of legislators. The more sophisticated ones prefer hotel rooms and restaurants. Sulo Hotel in Quezon City is said to be a favorite.

“Pork barrel” every year runs to billions of pesos. I hate to say it. The people hate to hear it. But they lose billions of pesos anyway. They lose these billions to the many deep pockets of corruption.

Mr. President, my esteemed colleagues, there is no saying here that every senator or congressman is corrupt. It is only to say that we have all become suspect. The public has every basis and right to suspect. And we seem not to mind anymore.

Mr. President, those with clear conscience among us do not need to rage. They only need to help those without it.

In this regard, may I take this opportunity to thank the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and some of our colleagues who have expressed support to this advocacy.

One colleague, Senator Joke Arroyo has done something truly admirable: he had not allocated a single centavo from his “pork barrel” allocation for the past year. However, I cannot help but wonder how his PhP200M pork was realigned since it was part and parcel of the 2002 GAA. That is the reason why I want my allocation this year deducted from the proposed 2003 GAA. I have an unsolicited advice to the distinguished gentleman from Makati and the Bicol region - why not slash the 2003 national budget by PhP211M more?

To all of us in this august chamber, maybe we can help alleviate the burgeoning budget deficit by waiving our 2003 pork barrel fund allocations. We can actually do our share, no matter how small, in balancing the budget by doing just that. With twenty-three senators, at PhP211M each, four billion, eight hundred fifty-three million (PhP4.853B) will automatically be deducted from the 2003 national budget.

The Speaker of the House, Jose de Venecia, can equally display his statesmanship by doing the same in the lower house. With more than 200 congressmen, at PhP65M each, that would be another PhP13B at least. Let us be the first to sacrifice for the sake of tiding us over a financial nightmare. I, therefore, call on the Senate and the House of Representatives to voluntarily give up the pork.

Mr. President, it is a simple choice between self-respect and self-aggrandizement.

That is exactly my point. Those among us whose hands remain untainted and unsoiled by the fruits of corruption from the evil “pork” must now be insulated from the temptation it may bring upon us. How? Let’s try scrapping the “pork.” There is life without it!

We all know who we are and what we are on this issue. That is one thing we are all sure about. Mine are not speculations - I definitely have my own sources. The figures I brought out earlier are never a figment of my imagination.

If the “pork barrel” stinks, how much longer must we suffer the stench? I believe it is time to abolish it altogether.

Mr. President, we were elected by the Filipino people to make good laws for the common good and never to make gold under the “pork barrel” system. We are here to make laws, not to build roads and bridges.

We were voted into office to provide check and balance under the principle of separation of powers; and not to accept fat checks to enhance our bank account balance.

Former French President and Prime Minister, the late Jean-Raymond Pompidou, was correct. There is a whale of difference between a politician and a statesman. He said, “while a statesman places himself at the service of the nation, a politician places the nation at his own personal service.”

With the “pork barrel” system, we are all perceived as dirty, corrupt and greedy politicians. Without it, we can all become better statesmen and public servants.

Whenever our committees investigate anomalies in government, does it not occur to us how equally guilty they think the legislators could be?

Mr. President, pardon my asking.

There are all kinds of arguments to defend the “pork.” Its advocates invent new methods and formulas to make every legislator happy. Ironically, in the mind of every Filipino, they are all mad and madly corrupted by it.

I know that the pork barrel system has never been legally flawed. In fact, the Supreme Court has ruled on its constitutionality.

But the Supreme Court never ruled that scrapping the “pork barrel” system would be unconstitutional either.

I can only hope the Senate leadership will take a serious look at this proposal and not simply toss it to the dust heap of the Philippine Senate history.

I am sure to lose some friends and create more enemies in this 12th Congress. I am sure skeptics will taunt me and the cynics will mock me without end.

I remember BAYAN MUNA Party-list Representative Crispin Beltran, he who declared the lowest asset in the lower house at eighty-one thousand pesos, said in a media interview immediately after my position on the “pork barrel” issue first came out, and I quote, “mabuti pa si Lacson ay may ibang pinagkakakitaan na illegal. Paano naman kami na sa “pork barrel” lamang umaasa?” Realizing that what he said was an instant give-away, he paused and started to stutter. Another congressman commented that this representation would not need to make money from the “pork barrel” because supposedly, “I have a lot in some foreign banks.”

Mr. President, if this is my misfortune, so be it. It is not the one I cannot possibly learn to live with.

Mr. President, I derive no pleasure in telling what I have told. I am sure many colleagues derive no pleasure in hearing what they just heard. But the people surely hate what they already know about.

It is time to bring the “pork barrel” system down. Or, we all go down under.

We can surely live without “pork.” Certainly, there is life without it.

After his privileged speech, Senator Lacson was subjected to character assasination. In fact another senator showing envy? or spite? promises to expose Sen . Lacson's sins and his true sexuality!

We thank Sen. Lacson and others like Sen. Joker Arroyo for STEADFASTLY refusing to accept pork, and concentrated instead on their jobs as legislators.

Some senators allowed greed to get the better of them.

We thought senators are bright people, but the recent revelation by Conchita-Carpio Morales of the Ombudsman , Over 1 billion pesos for pork!, showed the following four senators gave or facilitated money to fraudulent NGOs.

According to the report, here are the senators with their reported amounts from PDAF to Napoles managed NGOs

  • Senators Bong Revilla Jr. (P483.49 million)
  • Juan Ponce Enrile (P332.7 million)
  • Jinggoy Estrada (P262.575 million)
  • Gringo Honasan (P14.55 million).
All senators, except Jinggoy Estrada, have affirmed their signatures on documents which disbursed their funds. If these people are Japanese leaders, most of them would have committed hara kiri for failing the people. These supposed leaders or politicians do not care about the country. They do not love the Filipino people. They only LOVE THEMSELVES. When will public anger rise higher to kick these false statesmen of the country?

Something to remember about the Napoles, living a fantasy luxury ife at the expense of the Filipino people

Never forget that this sort of video was made possible by the PDAF scam engineered by Janet Napoles and supported by the graft and corruption laden Senate led by the Honorable Enrile, et. al.

Our source fB link: Facebook link

Incredibly, Ms. Jeanne Napoles has not taken down her tumblr blog!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

US under Obama is not prepared to punish Syria and losing its window of opportunity.

The government of Syria as repeatedly been warned that using chemical or poison gas will be a justification of the US Armed Forces to take an active role in the current Syrian Civil War See Red line warning on chemical weapons That use of chemical weapons as a red line has been made hazy in More options needed.

The past week news on possible chemical weapons delivered by missiles, last August 21 in the rebel held area of Ghouta have made the issues complicated.

1. Obama must act for permission from Congress to initiate miliatary action against military assets of Syria.

2. Further delays in the "punitive action" has enable Syria to scatter its military asses around the country.

3. Russia and China will "automatically" veto any resolution for military intervention.
Come to think of it. These nations may have supplied Syria with the chemical weapons.

4. The Uk parliament has refused to support PM Cameron for a joint strike against Syria.

5. Indications so far has shown the presence of chemical nerve agents in Ghouta, even the sound of approaching missiles were heard but the later explosion were not! Indeed photos of still intact missiles are circulating.

6. The government of Syria has consistently denied the use of chemicl weapons. See

7. UN inspectors did not perform a thorough inspection on the affected areas.

8. Gases may have already dissipated into the atmosphere, rendering inspections useless.

9. The facts that mass deaths did happen in Ghouta or Goutha cannot be ignored!

10. Thorugh their loose mouths, Obama, state department officials are giving Syrian officials enough leeway how to respond more appropriately to the threat of "punishment". But the US is a democratic country and is the world's leadig superpower.
Russia is a "has been" and China is a "pretender". However we shall not forget that there is always a moral dimension in the world's affairs! The element of surprise is gone. We might witness another shock and awe show in our living rooms in full color in large sized screens!

11. hope that the people of Syria will meet a more stabe future, a future without Assad.

Further reading.

[1]. A good write up. Obama' hand may be "forced".

Charles Krauthammer opinion piece

[2]. A concise article in one reading! Wikipedia article on Ghouta attacks

Mug shots of Janet Napoles. What are your reactions?

Nobody likes to see their mug shots posted in public. But it is standard practice for police agencies in the identification of the suspect.

The photos show most importantly that Janet Napoles is alive and well. She may look unhappy but then she and her daughter had lived a life of astounding luxury. We can only feel sorry for the dead people, known or unknown, associated with reporting the P10 billion peso PDAD scam.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Janet Napoles surrenders to Pres. Aquino. what now?

Astounding news:Inquirer newsinfo

According to the presidential spokesman,Edwin Lacierda, the fugitive Janet Napoles who is wanted on charges of serious illegal detention arising from the alleged kidnapping of Benhur Luy, surrendered to President Aquino, atCamp Crame, at 9:37 pm last night august 28, 2013. Here is the first source, the Philippine Official Gazette!, to break the story:

Philippine Official Gazette.

This, in less that a day, after Pres. Aquino , offered a P10,000,000 bounty on the whereabouts of Janet Napoles and warned those harboring the infamous fugitive will be charged with obstruction of justice.


Image published by Sunstar. (reprinted in the public interest).

People made jokes that Janet was hiding all along in Malacanang and Pnoy, as the president is nicknamed, will now pocket the P10,0000,000.00 reward.

This is an interesting development, and will provide an escape for the Filipino people reeling from typhoons, storms, graft and corruption and misspent taxes. Janet may have wished to live longer, as powerful politicians, who were linked to the PDAF scam, will find their names dragged down in the the dregs of Philippine history.

Napoles may have wanted to turn state witness before she is charged with graft and corruption. A very crafty woman, her surrender may bring troubles to Pres.Auquino if not properly handled!

Meanwhile, Senators Enrile and other senators may see their reputation tarnished and their excellent "performance" in the Corona impeachment trial will dim and be forgotten. It is interesting what they will say to defend their "honor". Consider this image from Facebook about Sen. Ramon Revilla, courtesy of Modina vince Carbon.

If this happened in Japan, some of the officials will commit the honorable way out of committing the ritual of hara-kiri.

Note: Images owned and copyrighted by the original owners and linked in the public interest.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Where in the world is Janet Lim Napoles?

I sure would like to know where Janet Lim Napoles is. She has gone into hiding after she was charged, not with abetting or committing bribery, graft and corruption but with illegal detention of one relative Benhur Luy.

Mr. Benhur Lu,who was is now a state witness, divulged an amazing massive scam involving the Priority Development Fund (legislators Pork Barrel) , involving 5 senators and 23 congressmen to the funding of ghost projects. Estimates of how much money was involved ran to the tune of as much as P20 billion pesos. Ms. Napoles reportedly got P2.1 billion pesos by channeling the PDAF funds, after legislators got their "pork" , to her ghost Non-government Organizations. Some projects were for supplies of fertilizers, basketball courts, garbage odor mitigation, etc. The mountain of money enabled Napoles daughter to flaunt a life of luxury, and to purchase many cars, and vans supposedly under the name of a corporation (JLN Enterprises)and relatives.

Now, I do not think a lot of senators would like Napoles caught. So many dirty secrets may be spilled in case Napoles talks in a court harming the reputation of senators and congressmen involved.

So where in the world is Janet Napoles? Do you think NBI, Police are exerting so much efforts? They cannot manage even to catch another fugitive from justice, General Palparan. The chances of finding Napoles is virtually nil. But we will be happy if she is caught and happier if Palparan is caught too.

Monday, August 26, 2013

A man of the cloth is renting Ms. Napoles house at South Forbes.

It is not only senators, congressmen, local executives, now even a priest is associated with the stigma of Napoles PDAF scandal. His supposed "crime"? Renting a house owned by Napoles in South Forbes if our reading sources, like Rappler(credible!) are to be believed.

There is nothing wrong with renting a house at an exclusive millionaire's subdivision, but the fact is that it costs a whooping P120K per month. We thought priests have taken a vow of poverty??!!

Who is paying for the rent? No priest receives a salary to pay the rent of such a house. The church has to investigate this matter quickly.

Further reading:

Who will charge Mr. Brian Yamsuan with bribery, graft or corruption?

People with lots of money to burn love the gaming tables. One was Brian Yamsuan, a PR consultant working for the office of the Executive Secretary Mr. Paquito Ochoa.

Mr. Yamsuan reportedly lost P5 million in a poker game at Resorts World Manila. He borrowed money from casino financiers only to even bigger.

The link to PDAF scandal was that a senator communicated with Ms. Napoles to help him out of debt. It is rumored that Ms. Napoles give so much cash to Mr. Brian Yamsuan to cover his debts who had to sell his condo units and some personal cars.

These wheelings and dealings have tarnished the image of the Office of the President.
We are glad that Pres. Noynoy has fired this PR man, but we ask.

1. What specific laws has this PR man broken?
2. will this lead to the resignation of Sec. Ochoa?
3. Who was the senator who asked Napoles to fix Yamsuan's gmbling debts? In olden times, a good senator will resign out of delicadeza.

In other countries, being tainted of association with shady characters is enough reason for resignation.

Further reading:

We ask the reader to read for full information.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Connecting the dots ... between PDAF scandal and an assassination of a journalist.

Could Napoles have a hand in the assasination of this bright young woman who filed charges against some Dept. of Agriculture officers over some scam about fertilizer supplies?

Rest in peace Marlene. We will not forget your memory. From

On 24 March 2005, a hired assassin gunned down journalist Marlene Garcia-Esperat while she was having dinner with her family at home in Tacurong City. In 2003, Esperat, who was the Department of Agriculture (DA) Resident Ombudsman for Central Mindanao, had filed charges against DA officials on a P432 M fertilizer scam.
The ensuing investigation revealed a possible connection with the even bigger P728 M fertilizer fund scam, which implicated Janet Lim-Napoles, then a big supplier of liquid fertilizer.

We hope in time that her murder will have the proper investigation and the guilty parties punished.

Photo above courtesy of Garcia-Esperat family.


1. Marlene's life is told in a chapter of the book "Murders without Borders" by Terry Gould. Hope to get hold of it sometime soon! Here is a book review:

2. We first told the story of Marlene in

Can our beloved Vice President Jejomar Binay come clean?

Social media networks like Facebooks is a gold mine of information. First the standards of credibility has been lowered and unfounded charges are flying thick and thin. The latest victim is our vice-president Jeojimar Binay, who defeated Mar Roxas in the last nationwide presidential elections. Here is a list of hidden wealth unearthed by some unknown concerned person(s). The problem is that it is difficult for ordinary people to just charge a big fish like our beloved vice-president.


Unti unti na pong nasisilip ang baho ng bawat pulitiko na maiiwasan sana kung may FOI bill na umiiral upang mabusisi ng taong bayan kung may katotohanan ba o wala.

1.Unexplained wealth 400 hectares Binay FARM-Rosario Batangas
2. Unexplained wealth 40 hectares Binay FARM-Bauan Batangas
3. Unexplained wealth 10 hectares Mango Orchard
4.Two condominium units Rockwell worth 30 million not on his SALN
5.Three story Mansion with Elevator in Banuyo Street,San Antonio Village and not on his SALN
6.House and lot Orbit st.Bel -Air Village and not on his SALN
7.House and Lot in Palm Village,Guadalope Viejo and not on his SALN
8.Rest House in Tali Beach,Batangas
9.Rest House in Puerto Azul,Cavite
10.Rest House in Tagaytay,Highlands
11.Rest House in Alfonso Cavite
12.Rest House in Zambales
13.Rest House in Pangasinan
14.More houses in Paranaque, Pasig, Mandaluyong and Muntinglupa
15. 600 Ghost Employee authorized by corrupt wife,Dra Elenita Binay and Amigas worth 3 million a month
16. Binay wife linked to Php72.06-M graft

A FORMER whistleblower in high-profile graft corruption controversies turned-head of government’s financial watchdog yesterday linked the wife of Vice President Jejomar Binay, an incumbent and several former Makati City officials to alleged deception in the public bidding for a Php72.06 million supply contract awarded by the city government in 2001.

17. Sandiganbayan graft case

Elenita Binay's (and private businessmen Li Yee Shing, Jason Li and Vivian M. Edurise, and Ernesto Aspillaga's) arraignment for graft charges was set by the Sandiganbayan's 4th Division on January 18, 2008. Binay was charged of alleged anomalous purchase of office fixtures and furniture for the new Makati City Hall from private contractor Office Gallery International from December 1999 to February 2000, regarding the acquisitions worth P 13.25 million overpriced by P3.6 million.

18.Bogus charity Project-40 Million (sister cityhood )
19. Bogus charity Project-27 Million calamity fund to other Provinces
20. Bogus charity Project-22 Million Lakbay Aral Package
21. . Bogus charity Project-20 Million Ambulance to other Cities
22. 230 Million Infomercial in TV 2009-Present. He used the Makati Foundation Day Funds
23. 15 Million -Komiks for Vice President Campaign
24.More illegal canteen Businesses in Makati(UM,CITY HALL)
25. Security Services Company contract to the city Hall own by the Son in Law(Triforce security Agency)
26. Maintenance Services another son in Law (Red Hammer construction and Services)

Such preponderance of charges is worth nothing if unproven. We ask Jejomar Binay to issue a categorical statement regarding these titillating charges. We already know he is preparing for the 2006 presidential elections and his family is turning politics into a cottage industry.

Further reading.

Here is a source:

This ANONYMOUS text is going the rounds in Facebook. We do NOT have the resources to find out the truth of each and every item!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Stop the madness, please do not involve innocent dead people about the PDAF scandal.

I got the following from my Facebbook timeline. Someone sent me an article which hopes to shed light about the modus operandi of Janet Napoles.

"The sender of the article below is Alfredo Masigan, a businessman and former President of Wack Wack Golf & Country Club. Please pass around so the whole Philippines will know."


"Janet Lim Napoles had strong ties before with the late Emilia Boncodin, DBM Secretary. Emilia is the one that keep Janet in the loop whenever a budget or SARO was approved and to which senator or congressman.

Gringo Honasan is a dear friend of Janet's husband, Jimmy Napoles. I was surprised when I read somewhere online when Honasan was interviewed and he said that he doesnt know the Napoles family.

During the coup in Cory's time, Jimmy napoles was driving a tank on the way to Camp Crame when his tank was hit by a mortar.Jimmy was operating the .50 caliber machine gun and the soldier driving the tank died during the blast. Jimmy survived and was jailed along with Honasan. If you can get clear photos of Jimmy Napoles online, you will see that part of his face and his arms show burn marks.

Their wealth started to build up during the late 90’s when theey engaged themselves with mayors based in Zamboanga to use them as a front for a foundation that will implement projects or deliver farm materials. With connections at COA, they were able to arrange completed projects without delivering anything. They established JLN group of companies sometime in 2000 and they moved to their new office from AFPOVAI to Discovery Suites on the 25th floor.

Soon enough, they were able to develop deep connections with more legislators in congress and numerous senators. What JLN Group Of Companies and their sub-company, Jo-Chris Trading (named after their eldest child, Jo-Christine [Neneng Napoles]) do – they use their foundations as the implementing agency for the funds of congressmen or senators. You see, congressmen and senators have budgets, PDAF or the pork barrel, but these politicians do not have direct access to their funds and they can never touch it. So what they do is, the politicians will create a project (common one is fertilizer distribution to farmers) and will ask DBM to set the budget. Then, there will be a public bidding to be held by DAR. The outcome of the bidding is already fixed and it's the Napoles Foundation that wins. The fund or SARO will be released through Janet's foundation and the congressmen/senators will ask 70% of the whole amount. So if the project is 10M, Janet will give 70% of that. Usually Janet's nephew, John Francisco Lim, is the courier of the money - they will meet at Podium or at a parking lot. The money is stored in plastic bags or paper bags.

So, whatever is left from the budget, 30% goes to Janet. They usually cash-in the cheque they get from DBM at Landbank in Greenhills and the manager there is part of Janet's payroll. Janet also need to pay the inspectors from COA and whoever is involved in DAR.

This is their workflow.This is what they do for more than a decade. This is how the senators and congressmen make money. This is why theses politicians have so much and working class Filipinos almost have nothing. This is not only Janet's fault. The greediness of the senators and congressmen are the driving point that keeps this system operating. It is ale so amazing that if Janet's family and her company goes into trial, the people who will try them – judges, senators, congressmen - are also part of this. I fear for the life of Benhur and Merlina as whistleblowers. Soon enough they will die. The people of the philippines should protect them. NBI or the witness protection program cannot do anything about it. Because they are keeping the whistleblowers alive for their own use only. Once Janet give payments to the NBI and once Revilla, Honasan, Arroyo, Pichay, Ducut, Pineda, Lim, Estrada, Soto, Lapid, and almost all the congressmen who were in post for the past decade, step in – there's nothing Benhur or Merlina can do. They are as good as dead by now.

Please post this on your social media and share it to the world. It is time to stop this madness and remove the pork barrel and protect Benhur and Merlina."

I asked a friend about the ties of Napoles to the late Sec. Emila Boncodin. He replied simply that as a public official, the late Sec. Emilia Boncodin met a quite a lot of people.

We can only conlude in this manner:

It is quite easy for someone like Napoles to claim Sec. Boncodin as a close friend.

I myself never heard of any shenanigans or hanky panky involving Sec. Boncodin. She never got rich in office and in fact died quite sick. I think people is just using
her name for their nefarious activities and the author has besmirched her memory as a dedicated public servant.

A scandal involving PNB

PNB is the Philippines National Bank. How could a single man own a government owned bank? This bank which used to be a government depository and official bank has amazingly transformed into a personal bank of one Lucio Tan, a well known crony of the Marcoses and a friend of the the Ramos administration. The PNB has merged with Lucio Tan's Allied Bank and which led to financial problems for PNB to stay afloat.

I was surprised today that a friend shared the following video posted by Al G. Portolaso in Facebook,

Karen Hudes (former employee of World Bank) says: " another case, I was reporting corruption in The Philippines. NINE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS (US$900,000,000.00) worth of money that should have gone to fight poverty in The Philippines instead went to a corrupt man, LUCIO TAN, who was in default of his loans. (The) Philippine National Bank went into default.....

I am pausing now and I will expand further on this post.



Friday, August 23, 2013

If Pinoy follows Chirst, he should scrap the pork barrel PDAF now for it is a FILTHY HARLOT!

We pause to give space to a lucid analysis of the morality of PDAF by our good FB friend Rolly Pellingon.

There's no greater mystery revealed in the Bible than this:The TRULY converted believers are God's (divine) PROXIES in His redemptive program.

For Christians to be SILENT in this time of severe MORAL CRISIS in our country is to miss the point of their christianity:

Colossians 1:25: Whereof I am made a minister, according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you, to fulfil the word of God;
Colossians 1:26: Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints:
Colossians 1:27: To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is CHRIST IN YOU, the HOPE OF GLORY.

“PDAF is a Filthy Harlot"

by Rolly Pellingon

Just by a simple catch-phrase: “Tuwid na daan”, PNoy has fundamentally altered Philippine politics and society. The phrase does not express much intellectual content yet it captured the attention, won over the sentiments and caught the fancy of majority of the filipinos who became fed up with the incompetence and corrupt practices of previous administrations. “Straight path” does not make much literal sense, but as an analogy for honest and efficient service it created strong emotions which transported the disillusioned filipinos from their awful existence and gave them hope and visions of moral order and a better future.

On July 22, 2013, PNoy gave his 4th SONA or what we may more aptly call a long self-congratulatory speech for the long statistical gains he claims his “tuwid na daan” program has achieved in three years. PNoy emphatically pointed out: “The standard of public service is raised: only honest, capable and principled public servants will be allowed to enter and remain in public service”. True enough, PNoy is quick at mercilessly lampooning and terminating executive appointees who fail to meet his expectations. Whether it is just for show to beguile the public or not, it anyway sends shivers to the spine of his cabinet secretaries. But if PNoy is truly a fearless moral crusader, why of all did he cautiously dodge denouncing in his address the raging JLN 10-Billion despicable PDAF scam when it looms larger than the ineptness of his men? The scandal, the occasion, and the SONA venue have all afforded him the golden opportunity to take his moral crusade to a transcendent political level, but the president flinched. He chose not to antagonize Congress thus confined his SONA within the politics-as-usual nuances. Or does PNoy have his own dark side of the PDAF during his past terms as congressman and senator? This the public deserves to know. And why is the feisty Justice Secretary De Lima more passionate with the Cadavero rub-out killing than the alleged 10-Billion PDAF plunder? This we also deserve to know.

PDAF, notwithstanding its fancy name, is morally toxic, a blight, a scourge of politics. It has served less as an equalizer for the less privileged but rather as source of kickbacks for some lawmakers and tool for dominating and exploiting their constituents. In other words, PDAF promotes polarizing and dominating hierarchy rather than democratic complementation.

Let us put PDAF into proper political context. Politics per se is certainly the most ingenious and powerful social mechanism devised by humanity as opposed to tools of war. Politics correlates and harmonizes mankind’s socio-economic activities. Take away politics and man regresses to being savage. As a driving force of transformation, politics is propelled by the laws crafted by lawmakers. For better or for worse, lawmakers must faithfully bind themselves to lawmaking if only to sustain socio-economic advancement and harmony. PDAF comes as a third party in the equation. It tempts lawmakers into becoming unfaithful. Now we have an unchaste congress rocked by PDAF scandals.

The way PDAF is dispensed over the years shows it is a powerful tool for institutionalized structural abuse against the powerless. Worse, it has caused the law-making competence of our congress to decline, given the street thugs, screen actors, comedians, boxers and their likes now dominating its hall. These charlatans got seduced by the cleavage of PDAF that is why they took advantage of their popularity to transfigure into quack politicians. Even well-educated statesmen are turned into immoral simpletons by the odious yet extremely seductive PDAF. The fund hardly serves its glossed-over purpose because it is by design a filthy harlot that stimulates politics of ecstasy. Abolish the PDAF and congress will be restored to its primary purpose, under the stewardship of truly honorable and competent politicians like in the past.

It is the Executive Department that proposes PDAF in its yearly budget proposal. This explains why, despite the newest Janet Napoles 10-Billion PDAF scandal, PNoy continues to defend PDAF even if it is antithesis to the moral rectitude his “tuwid na daan” promotes, not to mention DBM secretary Abad announcing that taxpayers will continue to foot the 27-billion PDAF bill by 2014. This gives away the true moral perfection of PNoy - to him the interests of his clique still prevail over his moral crusade, never mind that the poverty level in our country has not changed during the past six years he still wants Php27-Billion of taxpayers’ money placed under the Senators’ and Congressmen’s control.

This article is just a faint voice among the many denouncing PDAF as a fatal mistake of our democracy - that it must be abolished asap. PDAF and “tuwid na daan” do not mix. Our leaders must go back to being faithful to their purpose and focused to a common vision if only for our beloved Philippines to become economically emergent. But first things first, scrap PDAF before it ticks off another Edsa crowd.

The above analysis is authored by Rolly Pellingon and is republished in this blog with his permission.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This is where our taxes go. A list of cars under the company of Napoles.

JLN (janette L. Napoles) Corporation has ties with 17 non-profit organizations with ghost projects and schemes through which billions of several lawmakers' Priority Development Assistance Fund or pork barrel were purportedly stolen.

Here are list of cars under the names of Napoles and her rrelatives and/or company JLN.

BMW - BMW 35
Cayenne Porsche - CYN 78 (white)
Chevrolet Tahoe - ZAG 827 (gray)
Crosswind Pearl - XPK 562
Estrada pick up truck - ZJB 235
Ford E150 - JLN 128 (red)
Ford E150 - JLN 18 (white)
GMC Savana - XRY 168
Honda Civic - XDX 319 (blue)
Honda CRV - NSO 245
Hummer - HRM 33
Hyundai Starex - NOQ 168 (white)
Isuzu - PQU 993
Land Rover Defender - to follow (red)
Lincoln Navigator - XPL 358 (black)
Mercedes Benz - XDX 527 (black)
Mitsubishi L300 - XDC 963 (white)
Mitsubishi Pajero - WCC 896 (white)
Range Rover Autobiography - TIN 11
Suzuki - NQF 487
Suzuki - NOG 416
Suzuki - NOW 945
Toyota Alphard
Toyota Altis - XPG 884
Toyota Hi-Lux - SIM 08
Toyota Innova - NGQ 370
Toyota Innova - NSQ 568
Toyota Land Cruiser - PSQ 169
Toyota Previa - XPG 398
Toyota Vios (silver)

It boggles my mind that this was made possible by collusion with greedy senators and representathieves regarding their PRIORITY Development Fund (PDAF).

Friday, August 16, 2013

On the teachers and workers union strike at HAU.

Holy Angel University is said to be the largest school in the whole of Central Luzon. The teachers and workers union held a strike last August 15, due to non-compliance by the school that a certain percentage of tuition fee hikes go to salary increases.

On the other hand, the school has claimed that it filed certificates complying with the 70-20-10 percent proceeds.

The Commission on Higher Education has mandated that 70 percent of tuition increase

-----shall be used for the payment of increase in salaries, wages, allowance and other benefits of teaching, nonteaching and other staff.

The 20 percent, it said,

------shall go to the improvement or modernization of buildings, equipment, libraries, laboratories, gymnasium and similar facility and to the payment of other costs of operations.

The remaining 10 percent

------ goes to profit.

I guess one of the parties is lying even if it claims "undeniability of facts." Certificates of compliance for the 70 percent increase in salaries should be signed by the teaching and non-teaching staff! Were they signed?

HAU is a for profit educational institution. There is nothing wrong with this category, and the school has produced illustrious graduates not only from Pampanga but also from the rest of the Philippines!

Futher references:

1. Sunstar


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Freedom of Expression is well and alive in America.

I saw this on my Facebook page, and I would like to share it in my blog.

Try this on traditional Saudi Arabia, Dubai and even Russia. We hope that the leaders do not strike back hard on their critics.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A terrorist oganization forces a superpower to close 21 consulates

You cannot defeat the United States directly in a military war. With its vast arsenal of advanced fighter jets, ships and nuclear powered submarines, no lunatic country dare start a war with the USA.

Yet we have a terrorist organization Al Qaeda successfully forcing the US to close 21 consulates around the world and issue a travel alert for American citizens! see the links:



First of all the consulates are all located in Muslim countries!Here is a case where a a minority Islamic terrorist organization have succeeded in terrorizing Muslim countries where the majority of the population do not support its dangerous aims and goals.

As a start of solving thie terrorism problem, we should never sympathize with Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. Next Muslim countries should reign in religious leaders teaching hate and death to Israel.