Friday, January 8, 2016

Why blame China or the USA for the sins of North Korea's supreme leader?

This New York Times article has the surprising title "China in rebuke, suggests U.S. worsened ties with North Korea". In this article China claims that it is the USA, not China who is responsible for nuclear embrace of North Korea. Pardon me, but the recent "hydrogen bomb" explosion test of North Korea, simply shows clearly that North Korea is ruled by an insecure, comical and mentally deranged leader in Kim Jung-on, the son of the founder Kin Jong-il. It is this tyranical head of state who should be blamed for increasing tensions in the Korean peninsula in particular and in the world in particular. The United Nations is justified in sanctioning North Korea. Unfortunately it is the people of North Korea who suffers from the depravity of its leader Kim, who does not hesitate to execute close relatives and former lovers.

we should not be blind to the machinations of this clown Kim. It is time that the whole world should bring down this supreme dictator Kim and put him on trial for murder, for starving his people and for developing unneeded nuclear weapons.

The latest news is that dictator Kim is justifying the latest nuclear test as a self-defense stap against the U.S. Question: Is the U.S. threatening to invade North Korea? See [3].

Further reading:

1. U.N. poised to act on against North Korea after latest nuclear test

2. Wikipedia 2016 North Korea nuclear test.

3. Reuters, Jan 9, 2016:North Korea's Kim Jong Un says H-bomb test self-defensive step against the U.S.

Homeless and worse, abandoned

Do not we have all relatives? I see kids sleeping in the sidewalks, but this person is a full grown man, I often find him sleeping and eating at Philcoa. I hope the DSWD will round up this destitute man and others like him and provide housing and care. Some of these people have mental problems and I hesitate in approaching these types to give food.

Charity starts at home, and I hope any relative who sees this photo will have the heart to take him in to feel at home.