Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Some thoughts on the dollar account of the Chief Justice

Doubts have been erased that the Chief Justice has a dollar account based on the analysis of published news and opinions. In fact the reason for its existence, that the chief justice dollar account is a deposit in trust is being floated around. Let us take a look at the definition of deposits in trust, from

Deposits made "in the name of one person, as trustee for another" are known as "trust deposits." This form of deposit is sometimes made in order to (1) arrange for the disposition of an estate after death without the use of a will or administration, (2) conceal from others information of financial status, or (3) increase deposits where a limit is set upon individual deposits

We are surprised at second putpose of trust deposit and that is to to conceal from others information of financial status.

Remember he is the Chief Justice Supreme Court. It seems unseemly and incongruous for his high stationed office to act like a dummy for someone else. What will happen if there are cases involving the person who really owns the money?

The Chief Justice Renato Corona's behavior is not befitting of someone holding such a high office. I personally dont want the Chief Justice to act as a dummy for someone else. This is a serious lapse of judgment and a serious breach of ethics on the part of the Chief Justice. If this ever happens in the USA, he will be immediately investigated and haunded by the Press. Such great difference provide an embarrassing illustration why the US is a great country so far, and the Philippines, which live up to its title as the "Sick man of Asia".

His service and loyalty it seems are for his friends and patrons, like the former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, and not for the impartial devotion to serve the ends of Justice for all.

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