Thursday, May 24, 2012

The waiver in the SALN of government employees and officials

I have been signing SALNs for many years and I really dont give much thought to it since I am just an empoyee with less that a million peso worth of assets and am without administrative responsibilities (SALN applies to both employees and officers!). In the Corona impeachment trial, Corona dramaticaly presented a conditional waiver to allow any authorized govt agencies to look into all of his bank accounts, including dollar accounts and promised that he will submit it provided 188 reps and Sen. Franklin Drilon also make a similar waiver. However, the current SALN already includes such waiver for the Ombudsman! Here is the pertinent waiver which we sign every year while employed by the government.

I hereby authorize the Ombudsman or his duly authorized representative to obtain and secure from all appropriate government agencies, including the Bureau of Internal Revenue, such documents that may show my assets, liabilities, networth, business interests and financial connections, to include those of my spouse and unmarried children below 18 years of age living with me in my household covering previous years to include the year I first assumed office in government.

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