Thursday, May 31, 2012


Enrile cites blunders of the
Defense Panel

Senator Enrile stated the following reasons why the majority of Senator judges voted for conviction of SC Justice Renato J. Corona.

  1. Presenting the Ombudsman as a "hostile" witness in the mistaken belief that she did not have proof of Corona having much money.

  2. The disrespectful walk-out by Corona in his first day of appearance in the trial proper.

  3. The conditions imposed by Corona on his offer to sign a waiver,for authorities to check his bank accounts, on Sen. Franklin Drilon and the 188 congressmen who signed the articles of impeachment to sign a similar waiver.

  4. The sale of Basa-Guidote Enterprises Inc. (BGEI) shares worth P34.7 million to Corona’s daughter Carla Castillo for a measly P28,000, a fact which came out from the cross-examination of a former sheriff.
But the most telling argument for his conviction came from the mouth of Corona! He inadvertently admitted on his second and final day of appearance that he had 2.4USDollars and 80.7 million in banks which was undeclared in his SALN.

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