Thursday, May 24, 2012

Its Friday May 25, and it is a make or break for Renato C. Corona

The damage caused by Corona's dramatic walk-out may be lessened today if Corona, who as Cuevas promised in [1], is determined to be present today May 25 at his impeachment trial (day 42).This in spite of doctors advising him not to do so. Why? His defense counsel has told him it is quite crucial for him to be present. to be able to say he is sorry and to face a cross-examination from the prosecution panel.

Now the latest news[2] is that Corona is still in the ICU of Medical city, Thursday night. Maybe he needs to be wheeled dramatically into the Senate room. Real impartial judges will not be impressed of course.

Analysts have stated [3] that Corona had severely weakened his case by offering a conditional waiver and walking out.

We wish Corona the best of luck. and we fervently hope he will not suffer a fatal heart attack while on the dock.

Further reading:

[1] Corona to apologise to Imneachment Court

[2] Corona still in ICU, lawyers say.

[3] abs-cbnnews: CJ missed opportunity after waiver, walkout.

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