Monday, May 28, 2012

Thank God, the Impeachment trial hearings has ended with a judgement tomorrow!

We are relieved that the impeachement trial is soon to end with a decision expected tomorrow. Yet we are alarmed at some developments:

Rumours are circulating that defense will appeal any decision to the Supreme Court, of all places!, in case a verdict of "Guilty" will be pronounced tomorrow. This is a waste of time. Only the Senate is allowed to hold impeachment trial, its decision is final. It will provoke a real constituional crisis if Corona's camp will use the Supreme Court as a safe refuge of scalawags in government, which may include the highest officials of the land, from presidents to supreme court justices.

On the other hand, there is news that a second impeachment trial will be prepared by the lower house with lessons learned from current impeachment trial in case a verdict of "Not Guilty" will be given. We hope that the lower house will wait for a few years. This will be too much to muster for the common Filipinion people.

Give the people a break! Respect the decision of the Senator-judges!

For more informaiton.

Speech by Feliciano Belmonte, for the prosecution.

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