Monday, May 14, 2012

What the hell was the Chief Justice thinking when he opened 82 dollar accounts?

Here is the latest fantastic, incredible development in the impeachment trial of the Chief Justice. According to information the Ombudsman, Conchita Carpio-Morales, has obtained from AMLAC, (Anti-Money Laundering Act Council),
Corona had a mind boggling 82 dollar acounts and that the CJ (Chief Justice) had performed 705 tansactions involving peso and foreign currency accounts.

What the hell What the hell was the Chief Justice thinking when he opened 82 dollar accounts?
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It now remains for Corona to undo the damage caused by a blatant lie that he does NOT hold foreign currency accounts. The amount should not be the issue here, but the fact that he did not declare it in his SALN. Even if he says later on that he was just a DUMMY, he has sullied the office of the Supreme Court. We expect the Chief Justice to be a man of probity, a man for all seasons, a man for others. We get a selfish, avaricious man at the helm right now.

Yet we are not suprised really. The current Chief Justice has an MBA degree and once worked in a bank. His pattern of lying should be enough for a wake up call to the Senate to order immediately a halt of the impeachement trial and declare Renato Corona unfit for the position of Chief Justice. Otherwise, the Chief Justice will be subject to a more humiliating public condennation. His heart is not in the administration of Justice but for his personal aggrandizement using his position to facilitate his legal heavy accumulation of personal riches.

No, Corona cannot use the Supreme Court anymore to strike out the Ombudsman testimony by issuing a TRO. In fact it was the defense panel who called on the Ombudsman to testify.

Corona's goose is cooked and he knows that. Let the end of Corona's's control of the Supreme Court be finished now!
The smoking gun, showing Corona's lapse of judgement has been fired at the credibility of Corona. What the hell are we waiting for?

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  1. I think the Senate should really call an end to the trial and just impeach him. It may save Corona and his lawyers the trouble of trying to figure out a way to end with a degree of dignity and at the same time, he can later say the senate was unfair to him. He plays the martyr (with billions in hiding) well.