Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lamentations from a Filipino emigrant:

Commenting on the Presidents "unmitigated" outburst about the Supreme Court and the possibility and legality of the Supreme Court citing his Excellency for contempt:

I personally think that before the Supreme Court goes about citing anybody, the collective government of the Philippines should stick together and work together towards the attainment of substancial solid waste management program.

The Philippines is the only country in Asia without a waste management program. Anyone can build a house and a latrine anywhere and pollute the water sources. Too much politicking without regard for the people.

The government can also improve the economy and provide reasonably humane and fair employment for the people; control population growth and stop cowering to the dictates of the Catholic Church.

The Philippines has the distinct dishonor of being the number one source of housemaids and domestic workers for the world!

Tuberculosis is a common disease. People live in garbage dumps and landfills. The cities are filthy and crowded.

The gap between the rich and the poor is so stark. What happened?

Notes: I have forgotten to cite or give attribution. But I think this was posted in FB by a very close relative.

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