Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Syria's Assad: brinkmanship before the final downfall?

Just how many Syrians have to die before Assad's government will be forced by history to go down?

Syrian security forces under the Assa's regime control still continues to assert authority over the disaffected people of Syria. The death toll, of the increasing spate of anti-government protests according to the UNCHR has now reached 5,000!

Read UN: Syria’s Bashar al-Assad’s death toll soared at 5,000; US singled out Russia for blocking.

Syria is ignoring calls from the UN human rights commissioner for ICC (International Criminal Court) investigation of human rights violations with the situation in Syria labelled intolerable.

Read: Syria blasts call for ICC investigation

On the other hand, Russia and China continues to stall efforts to punish Syria via sanctions in the United Nations in contrast to most of the Islamic countries such as Turkey.

Syria's strongman Bashar Assad may soon follow the fate of Libya's Muammar Khadaffi.We hope he will not bring the whole country of Syria to full chaos, where respect for law, decency, tolerance has gone out of his suffering country.

The only option now is for Bashar to step down, saving the country and even himself.

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