Monday, December 12, 2011

Re: President Noy vs Corona

Some bloggers focus on the "emotional" outburst of Pres. Aquino against the Supreme Court. They talk of the ideal separation of the Executive division and the Judicial divisions of government which is enshrined in the Phil. Constitution as a form of interchecking and balancing. They vent their anger on Pres Aquino for such "bullying attack" on a co-equal branch of government, even suggesting that he be cited for contempt of the SC.

Yet what these bloggers are willing to do is play Deaf and Dumb. The Supreme Court as a whole has not done its part in strengthening the moral fiber of the country, instead it has now by its actions

1. legalized corruption indirectly by preventing former executives like Neri to tell the truth and nothing but the truth about corruption in high places due to the convenient reason of "executive privilege".

2. stifled the "freedom of expression" by citing for contempt the Law faculty of the University of the Philippines about a fellow SC justice involved in a "plagiarism" case.

3. proclaimed as unconstitutional the formation of a truth commission to investigate the previous administration engagement in corruption and rights violations, rigging the 2004 presidential elections, and profiteering from government contract, re supply of helicopters to the PNP.

People engaging and abetting graft and corruption can laugh to their graves but history will be harsh on them and will be swept aside to the dustbin where they belong.

We ask the justices who consciously voted to issue decisions in support of their former patron Pres Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, (Note tht Corona was a former Chief of Staff) to do the right thing: reverse decisions (again!), which they are very fond of doing or resign and avoid future prosecution of dereliction of duty!

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