Thursday, December 1, 2011

Iran: What me sorry?What vienna convention?

The Iranian government is showing that it condones the attack and ransacking of the British embassy in Tehran, Iran. Recall that Britain has moved for the adoption of stronger economic sanctions against Iran due to the report of the International Atomic Agency that Iran is secretly builing a nuclear weapons program.

As a retaliation, and perhaps after listening to their leaders about Iran being falsely accused, mobs of nihilistic youths/students attacked and ransacked the British Embassy on Tuesday. The silent tacit approval of the government was evident in the general inaction of Iran guards and policemen towards the demonstrators.

This is in clear violation of Article 22, Vienna convention, to wit:

The premises of a diplomatic mission, such as an embassy, are inviolate and must not be entered by the host country except by permission of the head of the mission. Furthermore, the host country must protect the mission from intrusion or damage. The host country must never search the premises, nor seize its documents or property. Article 30 extends this provision to the private residence of the diplomats.
It is worth noting that Iran is a signatory to this convention!

Iran has been emboldened by the lackluster response of the international community before in 1979 where the US embassy was attacked and more than 40 people were hostaged by a "nationalistic" mob.

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