Monday, January 9, 2012

Was Chief Justice Corona caught lying?

A news item just out today quoted Eastern Samar Rep. Ben Evardone that the the camp of Corona “may not be telling the truth” about Corona’s P14.5-million penthouse at the Bellagio Tower in Global City, Taguig.
He Representative said research conducted by investigative journalist Raissa Robles showed that Corona and his wife Ma. Cristina signed a deed of absolute sale on Dec. 16, 2009 covering the 303.5-square meter penthouse. In the document, he said the seller, property developer Megaworld Corp., acknowledges receipt of the purchase price of P14,510,225 “in full.”

This latest expose' from Raissa Robles is that the Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona's claim that he paid for a codnominium property on installment basis got busted by the fact that he actually paid for it on CASH basis.

This fact should punch a hole on the truthfulness of the seemingly imperturbable Chief Justice. We don not know if this evidence is acceptable in the impeachment trial, but the Right of the Public to Know exceeds the Senate's rule on any gag-order.

The ball now is in the defense panel of CJ Corona. I suggested already in a strongly worded article that he resigns immediately. He might escape more embarrassingly public humiliation if more juicy tidbits come out in the open.

We expect the Chief Justice always to be truthful. if he cannot be even on his financial dealings , he cannot prevent insinuations that his decisions on SC cases may have been arrived in a not so transparent above board manner.!

He should avoid further damange to the prestige of the Supreme Court in particular and the Judiciary in general.

We regret that Ms. Raissa's expose' may not be formal, but a lie is a lie is a lie is a lie, ad infinitum!

Click for a timeline of the trial.

Click for a timeline of the trial.

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