Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Are we 100 % sure that Iran has a secret nuclear weapons program?

I keep thinkging abou those American soldiers and 10,000 Iraq who are dead now because of the Iraq war. The reasons in retrospect, especially the intelligence afencies assessment that Iraq was in the advanced stage of development of weapons of mass destruction should wake us from the paralyzing stupor of believing without question the public releases of the US State department, the CIA and the military establishment. When the US successfully invaded IRAQ, NO WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) were found!

The situation in Iraq may have a parallel with the current situation in Iran. Iran is currently unabashedly anti-Israel for religious reasons, but of course in the biblical era, the Medes were much more tolerant of the Jews. Naturally this avowed declaration of annihilation of Israel gives a MORAL JUSTIFICATION if ever Israel attacks the nuclear installations in Iran.

By its secretive nature, Iran is inviting the USA, Israel, Europe and even its own muslim ARAB neighbors to suspect its nuclear development program.

Please take a look at Robert Kelley's article published in Bloomberg.

The documented 'proofs' are imperfect, but Israel and its ally, the USA, would rather err on the side of CAUTION. It is the fault of the current Iranian government if they are not forthcoming in showing that they are really sincere that their activities are for peaceful purposes.

Yet, again and again, from not allowing atomic energy inspectors to the most recent verified installation of an UNDERGROUND nuclear installation, protected by more than 300 feet depth, this blogger cannot show sympathy to Iran's claims that it is demonized by the USA, Israel and its allies!

What can Iran do? First, a declaration that it supports the right of the nation state of Israel to exist. Will Iran do this?

Yet Iran is threatening the free passage of tankers ans ships in the straits of Hormuz and developing improved missiles which can reach Israel easily. It should not be surprised that Arab neighbors will be alarmed to the point of arming themselves against the non-arab but fellow muslim state of Iran.

The clock is winding down. Even if Iran's protestations of innocence that its nuclear research and development program is TRUE, the simple threat and danger that it is indeed developing nuclear weapons is a big STRIKE against the modern incarnation of old Persia.

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