Sunday, January 22, 2012

Is Mdias Marquez an "untouchable"?

Here are some pertinent parts of a news item regarding the world bank report:

The World Bank team also questioned Corona’s appointment of one man as court administrator, head of the Supreme Court’s public information office and chairman of the bids and awards committee.

It did not however name Midas Marquez as such official. Corona authorized Marquez to approve disbursements of up to P200,000, which was later increased to P500,000.

“This senior official due to the combination of his appointments and functions, was the requestor of services, the approver of the terms of reference, the end-users of services (requested), the authorizer of contract extensions, and the authorizer of payments,” it said.

The team pointed out that the situation presented a conflict of interest and did away with internal checks and balances in disbursements and procurement of supplies.

Shame, It takes a foreign institution review to bring attention to the lack of good manqement in the Supreme Court and Corona is currently under impeachment trial. they both should go! They wont be missed.

Midas Marquez denies impropriety, hits Palace

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