Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is IBP speaking for every lawyer?

It took no less than an aide to the president of the Philippines to take issue with the stand of the IBP leadership that so far there is no proof that Renato Corona, the current Chief Justice did not obtained "illegally gotten wealth".

Click on Aquin aide takes issue with bar association over statements.

The IBP on Friday said the House prosecution had failed to prove Corona’s alleged ill-gotten wealth after two weeks of hearings by the Senate impeachment court.

Abigail Valte, one of President's spokespersons said:

“As a member of the IBP also, I will say that the views being propounded by the leadership of the IBP are not mine. I know a lot of IBP members also who do not subscribe to the views propounded by the officers of the IBP,”

This is not the first time that the IBP leadership has issued statements which were not supported by past leadership. For example, see our previous article, Is the IBP speaking with one voice?.

It would be better for the IBP leadership to shut up. Already the Supreme Court has problems because its credibility is shaken thru one man, Chief Justice Renato Corona. IBP refuses to believe that the impeachment court is not an attack on the Supreme Court but a trial to see if Corona deserves to continue to sit as chief justice. If they continue to support corona, fine, that is their prerogative, but to claim that what they are saying is what most members hold on to, that is stretching the truth till it becomes a big lie.

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