Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How was the WB aide memoire for the JRSP leaked?

I was reading Negros Bloggers and I found myself reading this post by Ms. Kristine Kua. She said that it was a husband of a daughter of budget secretary Abad working at the world bank who released the aide memoire.

I googled again today and I came across this site:
[Ref 1] Ellen Tordesillas: Phil. media fell for WB hoax? It is worth noting that Manila Bulletin was the only newspaper to publish an OFFICIAL DENIAL from the World Bank.

The World Bank denied on Monday (January 16, 2012) it released a report on the Supreme Court’s Judicial Reform Support Project (JRSP) that noted its dissatisfaction with the way the project was being implemented.

Erika Leann Lacson-Esguerra, World Bank program assistant for external relations, said Monday the bank did not release to the media a supposed memo regarding the “unsatisfactory” progress of the high court’s loan.

“This email message did not come from the World Bank. Any official statement from the World Bank will be posted online (www.worldbank.org.ph),” Lacson-Esguerra said.

But the above is only a news item!
The earliest mention of an email comes was in January 8 [See Ref 1]. I visited the official WB site and only was able to read an overview WB Philippine s Overview without a mention of the JRSP(Judicial Reform Support Program) loan. I am wondering where the original WB report is!

But a getrealphilippines.com post purportedly revealed the following:

In a Dec 28, 2011 letter addressed to SC Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo de Castro, chair of the Judicial Reform Support Project (JRSP) Management Committee, Matthew Stephens, acting WB country director, cited seven concerns and issues on how the High Tribunal used the US$21.9M loan (P903-M based on current rates) it granted the High Tribunal in 2003.

A member of the getrealphilippines FB page had this to say about the above “report”…

It seems that [the above request] was not supposed to be published publicly as yet but it was leaked to RAPPLER.COM. It is alleged that Andre[w] Parker husband of Presidential Management Staff chief leaked the paper to RAPPLER. This is the report which seems to insinuate and fuel anti [Chief Justice Renato Corona] sentiments before Monday’s trial.

So it is just allegations that A. Parker leaked the request to rappler.com.

We hope to get to the bottom of this clever operation soon!

Click for a timeline of the trial.

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