Sunday, January 1, 2012

The piece on Chief Justice Corona

Flash! Here is the latest entry on the Ph.D controversy:
Corona's Lecute enough for a PhD


I got my free copy of the local Philippine Daily Inquirer. It carried the following headline "UST: CJ earned Ph.D" which states that the Dominican Order founded University of Santo Tomas denied tit broke academic rule when it granted a Doctorate of Laws from the university.

It was a response to the online article's claim that

1. Corona does NOT have a dissertation in the UST library.

2. Corona did NOT fulfill the five-year residency requirement.

So far, has not received any official replies from UST Graduate School. It is worth noting that according to the,the Chief Justice does not have a dissetation. Instead. a mention of a Public Lecture was divulged:

except a public lecture the chief justice delivered in November 2010 at the UST Graduate School. The Varsitarian, the official student publication of UST, reported in April that Corona’s doctoral dissertation was entitled “To Every One His Due: The Philippine Judiciary at the Forefront of Promoting Environmental Justice.”

Oh well, I have a PhD in Mathematics, which required both a dissertation and a public defense. What UST is doing may be all right for this institution, but from now on, a blot on it PhD in Law has been inked by its conferring of the PhD degree on Chief Justice Corona. UST prestige, whatever the school does, has been harmed and may be difficult to repair.

Further reading:

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What UST has denied is that rules were broken to favor Corona. If it says that a written dissertation is NOT required, that is its call, not rappler not even this blogger's call. We call it a lapse of judgement.

Even the Chief Justice's undergraduate degree with honors is being questioned, but we stop from going further in this post.

We thank for pointing out the fact that Yes, a submitted dissertation is NOT an absolute requirement.

Click for a timeline of the trial.

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