Thursday, January 12, 2012

Timeline of Events in the Corona Impeachment Period.

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Impeachment timeline page

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I shall work backwards, and update this as the days unfold on the gripping Corona impeachment trial!

General Resources:
1. Benigno Aquino biography

2. Chief Justice Corona biography

3. Supreme Court of the Philippines Official Site

4.Office of the President Official Site

5.Congress of the Philippines official site

6.Senate of the Philippines official site

7. President's speech

8.Wikipedia: Impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona. With additional links.

The dates are the dates of the news sources. The actual events reported may have happened one day before!

jan 14, 2012 Philstar: SC warned vs meddling in trial!
Prosecutors may charge Corona for possession of "ill gotten wealth" even if he donate assets found to be undeclared.

Corona assets worth P200M
Corona replies: This is a hoax! We are a family of no ordinary means!
Jan 13,2012
Coronas gave 16M pesos taguig lot to daughter
World Bank questions alleged Supreme Court Loan Misuse!
League of Cities back impeachment trial vs Corona

House asks Senate: Summon CJ's family

Dec 15, 2011Chief Justice vows to lead fight vs Aquino ‘dictatorship’ Corona declares war on Aquino!
Dec 14, 2011Corona's speech

Dec 12,2011A minute-to-minute recording of the momentous political event of the year 2011! How the House impeached Corona in a day
Dec 6, 2011It started on this day! December 5, 2011. An omen for Chief Justice Corona. High Court says presidential speech disturbing! Aquino lambasts Supreme Court in front of Corona

Click for a timeline page of the trial.

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