Tuesday, January 31, 2012

That was too smooth, and Sen. Osmena has doubts.

Megaworld executive rehearsed, not accurate-osme%C3%B1

We commented in our timeline that testimony sounds too smooth for credibility and I just read this news item. We repeat our comment here:

Hernandez, a senior executive at SM Megaworld, said the Bellagio unit has an original price of P24 million. But situation change and they reduced it about P19 million. Megaworld further reduced the price to P10 million as the unit sustained damages during a typhoon. Hernandez however said that it was not a practice of Megaworld to sell damage units to clients and the company is in the process of rectifying it. "Apart from the damage,we compute and factor that in, and we opted to reduce the price of Bellagio," he said. Looks too smooth. We really need proof that the unit was damaged and the damage cost reasonable.

Getting away with false testimony will backfire on the one giving a testimony, if not now, then later!

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