Wednesday, February 1, 2012

If it is not unexplained wealth, then what it is?

From Rappler:

A very surprisingly vocal Sen. Lito Lapid figured in the following exhange this afternoon:

"Hindi na siguro kung mahalaga kung nagsarado ang kumpanaya o hindi. Nangutang ba?" Lapid asked Umali. "Kanina pa kayo tanong nang tanong, isang oras na tayo dito, yun lang pala gusto niyong palabasin kung inutang, in-advance o ni-loan?" an exasperated Lapid said.

But Lapid's line of questioning revealed where the prosecution was apparently headed: to tackle evidence of Corona's alleged ill-gotten wealth.

"Cristina engaged in real business pero wala naman pong record sa SEC, BIR at lahat. Ito po ay nakapagtataka kung saan nanggaling ito. Ito po tinatanong namin, ini-establish namin, ito po ay unexplained wealth," Umali explained to Lapid.

But defense lead counsel Serafin Cuevas was quick to object. "There is a resolution of this court - both verbal and written - denying prosecution from presenting evidence of unexplained wealth."

Enrile reminded the prosecution to adhere to the rules of the impeachment court.

"I caution everybody to respect the rulings of this court. We have already ruled that paragraph 2.4 is not permissible to receive any proof. Kindly adhere to the rules of this court," Enrile ordered, banging his gavel. -

In spite of the fact that Sec. 2.4 was stricken out of consideration by the Impeachment Court, enticing proofs of ill gotten wealth rears its ugly head and appear from time to time in the technicality minded Impeachment Court.

The Court is giving itself a dilemma: If it is not unexplained wealth, then what it is?!!!

The world wonders!!!

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