Friday, February 17, 2012

Chief Justice Corona keeps forgetting HE is the ONE being impeached!

chief Justice Corona is once again resorting to slinging mud against his critics, foremost of which is the president, Benigno Aquino III!

This time, he chided the president CJ to Aquino:
Keep off trial, prove mental fitness to lead "

We remembered that these charges were leveled at Pnoy, a nickname the president wants to be called, during the last presidential elections. Of course the majority of people voted for him and this alone should be enough to shut up his mouth about PNoy! He does not, but he does shut up about his dollar and even peso deposits!

Now, the defense panel is busy defending the CJ peso accounts, saying that the the mulitmillion peso accounts which were closed last December belong to his wife's corporation! How come it was under HIS name? Does this not smack of legal prejudice since there is a family legal squabble among the heirs of the Roco-Quidote-Basa families?

He even alleges that the case of the poor government court interpreter:

He said it was wrong for the President to compare him with Davao court interpreter Delsa Flores, who was dismissed by the Supreme Court in 1997 for failing to declare in her SALN her ownership of a stall in a public market.

The Chief Justice explained that the President was again ill advised by his legal team since Flores was dismissed not because of dishonesty in SALN but due to issue of double compensation from the court and the Panabo municipal government.

To which we say wow!!! Here is an extract from In the Know: Lowly court employee sacked over market stall not declared in SALN

The high court referred the matter to the Office of the Court Administrator (OCA) for evaluation, report and recommendation.
The OCA subsequently found Flores guilty of dishonesty and of failure to report her business interest, and recommended her dismissal.

Beyond reproach

The high court agreed with the OCA’s findings and recommendation.
It said Flores’ failure “to disclose her business interest, which she herself admitted, is inexcusable and is a clear violation of Republic Act No. 6713 (Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees).”

Do you read it???! ...failure to disclose her business interest!!

This only means that Corona is a lying Chief Justice.

The Chief Justice is guilty of double speak when he ignores that it was the non-filing of SALN of a stall property which precipitated the court's action. The fact that she was receiving extra compensation was only secondary.

This further adds to the heavy weight on the non moral fitness of Justice Renato Corona to stay as Chief Justice.

Corona is,with an MBA and a former bank officer, using the banking laws to hide his hidden wealth. Now, criminal can follow a corrupt chief justice by transferring their peso accounts to dollars. (it does not pay high interests however), but it does make our country a refuge for dollar salters, and tax evaders, and a bastion for corruption!

Thanks to Corona, our country is again in the international news for such unseemly shameful titles.

Only in the Philippines!

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