Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Fool's unsolicited open letter to the SC Chief Justice Corona.

A Satire, A Fool's letter to the Hon. Chief Justice Corona:

An Open Letter to Chief Justice Corona

How are you doing Sir? May the Christmas Season finds you well in the spirit of quiet contemplation over the previous events which brought the Judicial and Executive branches of government figuratively near to boxing blows.

The Philippines after all is the country of the great Manuel Pacquio, who in case he is not in the ring, is a noble congressman from Sarangani, a province of Mindanao. You have chosen to be quiet, showing either you are a gentleman, or simply you cannot answer
the thunderous public charges of partiality and dereliction of duty.

Did you not rule that Neri does not have to answer to Congress or Senate regarding some
hanky-panky because of "executive previlege"? In effect you have legalized corruption and the nation is poorer and the perpetrators richer.

Did you not with the SC as a colleagial body ruled that the UP Law faculty in contempt because it dared one of your esteemed brother in the SC to resign because of ``plagiarism''? Instead of upholding freedom of speech, you have given the country
a scare and a signal that the SC is a sacred cow, beyond reproach, beyond criticism because it is perfect and cannot commit an error!

Perrhaps in the mistaken belief that your life's biography will include the fact that you have attained the highest esteemed place in Philipine judiciary is enough, you have not given much thought what the future generations will talk about you.

First, in the land of the good ol whipping boy the U of the S of A, your appointement will never even be considered. The fact that you are a former Chief of Staff of the sitting president during your appointment time, is a red herring to members of the American Congress and Senate.

Perhaps the fact that people of the Philippines have voted entertainment people and crocodiles to congress and the senate may have blinded you to accept the appointment as a ``medal`` in your professional legal life. But that medal is tarnished,
not by your enemies but by the decisions you have made proving that you have a big ''utang na loob''

I am that you requesting that you resign, following the lady from the Ombudsman who had the decency to resign before she got to face a long
trial. Yes, sir, resign before you continue to make people lose respect for the supreme court. Resign and enjoy the spectacle of seeing President Noy in quandary what to do in case you have stepped down. Resign, before you can add more damage to the SC and the Philippines.

Are not graduates of Ateneo often told to be "men for all seasons"? Instead you have chosen to be a man for the previous president.

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