Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The practical effects of the Supreme Court decisions under the honorable Chief Justice Corona

  1. Their moral right to cite anyone in contempt of the SC has diminished. I am reminded of the U.P. Law School faculty case.

  2. People like bloggers are having a field day questioning the morals and ethics of the SC (esp. CJ Corona). In my blog I will stick to the non-personal aspects which unfortunately is almost impossible to do. Just the fact that his Honor was a former Chief of Staff. Ethics has gone out of the window.

  3. No laws can be broken but still the spirit of the law, Justice, has been violated.

  4. We have the spectacle of the CJ charging Aquino of creating a dictatorship. This is a weak and a personal response, something our CJ would realize by now.

  5. By associating the attack on the CJ as an attack of the whole Supreme Court, the CJ himself is the one sending a chilling effect and fear on the judiciary. The latter should not be afraid.

  6. Damage has been done to the noble institution of the Supreme court. It is now pictured as having legalized the massive graft and corruption of the previous GMA administration.

  7. The eggregious reasoning of "executive privilege" smacks of condonation of massibe graft and corruption and obstruction of truth and justice in the case of Neri.

  8. The damn controversy has ruined the festive Christmas season. we can blame Pres. Noy for starting this, and CJ Justice for providing the reason!

  9. This has awakened a lot of people to be more vocal and enter into debates which the latter(who hates entertainment?) delve low into personal attacks, arrrogance and worse even threats of physical injury or murder.

  10. Their flipflopping of supposedly "final" decisions has diminished the image of the sC as the last stop of judicial process and has the unpleasant effect of projecting an image that they can be "bought".

We will expound on these later but meanwhile let's enjoy the Christmas season, food! friends! and of course remember the mediator between God and man, Jesus Christ.

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