Monday, December 12, 2011

Corona impeached! Shall we be cheering?


Philstar comes
this startling news that Corona is to be impeached.

With clinical precision and with the numbers, congressmen-allies of President Aquino moved quickly yesterday to impeach Chief Justice Renato Corona for alleged betrayal of public trust, violation of the Constitution, and graft and corruption. Since the ruling party has the numbers, this is almost a sure thing.

We feel a little sorry about this, but Chief Justice Corona has brought this kind of confrontation by his amazing indiscreet display of blind loyalty to his patron, former president Arroyo. Unfortunate that the whole Supreme court suffers from this perception of bias.
From the silly excuse of "executive privilege" for covering up the corruption under her former administration, he has in effect condoned and abetted corruption!

And the blatant citation of contempt for U.P Law faculty for their strong commentaries about a fellow SC justice "plagiarism" marks the highest level of ignorance of the purpose of Supreme court, not only as the last resort for the carriage of Justice but as a protector of free speech.

But what gets the people's ire was its declaration of unconstitutionality of the "Truth Commision" as it specifically targeted the arroyo administration! Is there a more horrid example of bias for support of their patron>

The best thing to happen is for other Justices to resign on the grounds of loss of confidence. They have to be renominated throught the crucible of public scrutiny in Congress for their reappointments.

I dont know what will happen in this historical crossroad but let us help President Aquino in his mandate to create the New Filipino, stamping out corruption, and gaining investor confidence for the country and in one generation to let those "househelpers" and "maids" find noble work in their own country.

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