Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When will the Morong 43 get out of jail?

The president of the Republic of the Philippines has supposedly ordered the withdrawal of charges against the Morong 43.

So when will the Morong 43 get out of jail? Will the governement pay for their illegal detention?
Will the government pay of the health expenses of the new mothers ? and the medicines of the elder prisoners? How long shall the detainees endure the waiting for their ACTUAL PHYSICAL release?

This is just a show! The world wonders if the Philippines is run by statesmen, and not by greedy tailless, and spineless monkeys. President Aquino of course is NOT a monkey.

Dec. 18, 2010
The Morong RTC (Regional Trial Court) ordered the immediate release of the following:

  1. Romeo de la Cruz
  2. Rogelio Villarisi
  3. Valentino Paulino
  4. Alexis Montes
  5. Aldrin Garcia
  6. Linda Racel Otanes
  7. Janice Javier
  8. Edwin Dematera
  9. Jhon Mark Barrientos
  10. Antonio de Dios
  11. Marvin Ortiz
  12. Mark Escartins
  13. Ramon de la Cruz
  14. Renz Capillo
  15. Franco Romeroso
  16. Mario de los Santos
  17. Yolanda Yaun
  18. Angela Loricon
  19. Ria de Luna
  20. Ma. Mercedes Castro
  21. Jennylyn Vatar
  22. Jane Balleta
  23. Cherrylyn Rico
  24. Teresa Quinadayan
  25. Miann Oeso
  26. Janna Mendoza
  27. Delia Ocasla; Glenda Murillo
  28. Pearl Irene Martinez
  29. Judilyn Oliveros
  30. Lilibeth Donasco
  31. Christine Ann Evangelista
  32. Claire de la Cruz
  33. Sylvia Labrador
  34. Jeans Trinidad
  35. Helen Carandang
  36. Ma. Elena Serato
  37. Mary Clamor
  38. Emelia Marquez
  39. Reynaldo Macabenta
  40. Samson Castillo
  41. Gary Liberal Del Ayo Avera

Who are the missing two? Should not their names be included? Even if they are new mothers who were confined to the PGH?

Source: http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=640271&publicationSubCategoryId=63

So who did the rape-murders of the Viscondes?

Is this the quality of our police, NBI and even justice system?

A cop who confessed to washing off bloody evidence, a son of a senator at that time who village guards and main witness fingered as present in the village at the time of the rape-murders?

Tell me, via your comments, who did it! Damnation!

I am somewhat of an emotional guy when it comes to victims of violent crime. Here is the cool-headed level reply of a dear friend:

Exactly the inevitable question: who did it then? the same question posed to the jury when o.j. simpson was acquitted in the murder of his wife nicole. but the court doesn't bother any more with the question. an acquittal goes only to the e...xtent of saying that the accused cannot be held guilty based on the evidence presented. it goes without saying that State failed to give sufficient evidence of moral certainty or proof beyond reasonable doubt. it further goes without saying that the law enforcer the police the NBI bungled the case for they failed to gather and put up evidence strong enough to warrant a conviction, which is one way of saying that they were not able to solve the case, so they have to investigate again look for the bastards who did the dastardly crime, or perhaps webb et al could possibly be guilty but the evidence is weak. all told the buck stops at the desk of the law enforcer who in this country investigates crime using poor police methods and primitive forensic skills dating back to dark ages. remember the bungled hostage taking of the tourist bus? the police exercise became the laughing stock of the entire world. blame the supreme court? no. the court doesn't investigate and solve crimes. blame the prosecutor? possibly. if the evidence was weak, at the outset they should have thrown out the case earlier, instead of being pressured to issue indictments and ask the law enforcer to go deeper in its investigation. the court alone is not the entire justice system. courts are impervious to popular public opinion for public opinion has never been the basis of court decisions.

I need more comments to this current event for a holistic view.