Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nonchalance at the extreme. Getting a photo at the tourists hostage taking tragedy site

Well, what can you say about this photo?

Insensitive Students. />

I am wondering what school these students come from, hopefully they will get a lecture on culutural sensitivities if they don't have any.

Worse are some clueless policemen! We Pinoys have that insane survival instinct to laugh at immediate environment no matter how much deep feelings and emotion are attached to a site. In other countries they would be expelled or worse shot for desecration.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Noy blinks on midnight low level judiciary appointments! Won't gloria be pleased!!

Call it security from prosecution by buying the midnight lawyers, but Gloria might escaped unscathed from charges of corruption in the NBN ZTE, fertilizer scam, payola during a Malacanang party.

As the bombastic Quezon once said, he will do the country a favor by closing all the law schools.
No, those lawyers have no conscience at all. As long as they maintain their fiesta atmosphere nothing good will come out of this. Let he generous Americans pay for the fight against corruption.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Was Pres. Aquino right in sacking NIlo Prisco?

The way I see it, Nilo Prisco's sacking as PAGASA director due to wrong weather forecasts smells like Mr. Prisco is being a fall guy for the general unpreparedness of the government in dealing with typhoons.

Even if forecasts are accurate, do you think the government wil do better? Does it mean that if a typhoon is to strike North Luzun, Metro Manila will just lay back and continue its own carefreee way?

Typhoon Basyang was fast moving, catching weather forecasters by surprise. Even the JWTC eariler forecasts which we sustpect is also used by PAGASA was wrong. To remind the reader here is are pictures of track forecasts in July 12 and July 13.

and our blog post on Basyang: . Did the U.S. Military in the Pacific sack their meteorologists? Hell no!

We hope that this sacking of the poor Nilo Prisco is not a harbinger of a dark side Noy's presidency. We are glad though that Prisco was not fired from the government but transferred to DOST to become a director of Special Studies.

If Noy is sincere, he should also fire Engineers from DPWH for the instant flooding of Metro Manila when ordinary (not typhoons) rain is dumped in sudden downpours due to the moonson. This wil be more deserved.