Friday, February 18, 2011

Philippines signalling other countries that it is soft on the drug trade.

Filipinos abroad should be extra careful. Even if you are member of Congress, or just an ordinary tourist, if you are caught with drugs in your person, you will be violating the laws of the host country you are currently in.

Perhaps due to the major failings of the Justice system in the Philippines where enforcement is lax, where the lower courts including the higher courts "can be bribed" if you have the money and where friendship can becloud the concept of justice, Filipinos scream to high heaven on their misfortune when caught literally with drugs in their bodies or clothes or bags in other countries. They may cry that they are not drug pushers, but other firm countries do not distinguish between pushers and mules! They are all part of the evil drug business and will be stopped and executed if their transgression warrants it.

We commiserate with the relatives of the three Pinoys scheduled to be executed this coming Tuesday. Do you know what will happen if China grants clemency to the three Filipinos?

The own citizens will scream at their own government for "double" standards! Why can foreigners like Filipinos can get away and our own citizens when caught get shot or executed?!!!

See? China, the country which holds the three Filipinos have been executing people caught in the drug trade! Even their own citizens! Filipinos travelling abroad should understand that simple fact. Bribing their administrative people will only add to the guilt of the drug courier and speed up the carrying out of their sentence.

China has suffered terribly from the drug trade since the days of the British empire under Queen Victoria. The Chinese imperial government has banned opium and yet the British has complicitly encouraged addiction to opium. The opium war has been fought over this!

The Philippines should not go into a "tit-for-tat" executing Chinese caught with drugs in the Philippines. You can be sure that chinese who are caught in the Philippines are not given sympathy by the Chinese government given full public information on the cases.

It is high time that the Phil. government flexes its moral weight and fix its flawed justice system. We can only shed tears for our condemmed countrymen, but they were caught red-handed and deemed guilty. And of course, they pay the price of temporary indiscretion. Money talks! And moreover, these caught countrymen are also endangering their fellow Filipinos who travel abroad.
Moreso, if these Filipinos get reprieve and granted mercy, following Filipinos will think they can also get away with being a drug mule.

Say a prayer for them,please, but accept whatever happens.

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