Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Near end of 40 year long strongman rule in Libya?

Col. Muammar al Gaddafi has that uncanny ability to cling to power for around forty years in oil rich Libya situated in North Africa. What with security apparatus to kill off opponents, even kill unarmed civilians in Benghazi and Tripoli with machine guns and aircraft bombing(WTF!), long time supporters, even from the military are starting to abandon his reign. Even he has to (fend off)fight off rumors of him escaping to Venezuela!

His personality may be tolerated but deep in the hearts of Libyans, the populace wants a taste of freeedom, no only the simple tasting of evil alcoholic drinks, but freedom to speak out, to create arts, to write novels, etc., freedom from hunger, freedom even from the sharia laws. (but Libya do not cut off hands of robbers).

We hope the end may not be more violent. After pulling off a coup against the royalty of King Idris, Gaddafi may face the prospect of being forced out by ordinary unarmed citizens of Libya!
His son is adamant that they can use excessive military force to preserve the government.

REuters: Flamboyant Gaddafi Clings to power

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