Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Where is the smoking gun?

Where is the smoking gun? Where is the suicide note?

Angelo Reyes commiting suicide? Usually military people shoot themselves in the head side or through the mouth. The late Gen. Reyes was shot in the chest!

And where is the official autopsy report?

As long as the gun is not analyzed, I will not believe that he did it. The immediate comments of the "witnesses" sounds scripted to me. Sorry if I feel this way.

If they don't surrender the gun, the man was MURDERED
and those hiding it are part of a conspiracy.

Who declared it was a suicide? Only the police, detectives and the courts can declare with finality it was a SUICIDE.

Who is/are hiding the gun?

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  1. Hey sir! I was thinking the same thing. I'm also wondering about a suicide note, if there's any.