Thursday, April 12, 2012

Who is responsible for our woeful Philippine Air Force?

How can we be so powerless in meeting the problem of North Korea launch of a missile in the guise of launching a satellite?

What happened to the Armed Forces modernization law? This law, together with the BCDA (Bases Conversion development Act) aimed to sell off military vast lands and use the money to buy modern weapons for our Armed Forces of the Philippines. What happened? Where did the money go? Can we blame the Congressmen and Senators who passed this ineffective law? Well the job of senators and congressmen is to pass laws, unfortunately, they think that their responsibility ends with the successful passage of the law. They did not pass a law to form an agency, or an entity to see if the money goes PROPERLY to the procurement of modern weapons.

Can we blame the president? Well yes! He cannot evade responsibility as his office is responsible for seeing to it the law is enforced. He cannot say that he just inherited the problem from his predecessor.

And we can also blame ourselves too for electing low quality public officials whose hidden agenda is to enrich themselves in office. That is where the buck stops.

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  1. I agree with you. When we think of how much cj accumulated just through his affiliation with GMA, that alone is a telling thing. Unless accountability begins somewhere, we end up nowhere.