Friday, September 20, 2013

Can the US trust the new Iranian president?

One of the first actions of President Rohani was to free some political detainees, and
publicly claiming that Iran has no intention to have possession of nuclear weapons.In fact the news reports came out saying Rohani is willing to close down the uranium refining sites in Natanz, Isfahan and Fordo.

This only means that Rohani is seeing the effects of economic sanctions in his country which were imposed by the US and Europe as a punitive act against Iran's nuclear ambition.

The U.S. should not let its guard down. It is Iran who is feeling the economic pinch and all her future actions will be based on easing the burden on her people, but its nuclear program is still running!
It is an oppurtunity for the U.S. to impose demands on normalizing relations between the U.S. and Iran.
Iran wants normalcy more than the U.S. and Israel. It is a golden opportunity fraught with dangers, the world never know and may not know the current state and extent of Iran's nuclear power development program.

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Iran releases prominent political dissidents

Syria's Assad ignore U.N. findings about use of poison gas.

Assad is a crafty politician and is a survivor. Recently, he has denied that his governement forces were behind the chemical attack on Ghouta where rebels were concentrated resulting in more than a thousand deaths, including hundreds of innocent children among the fatalities.

The official U.N. investigation report has painted a clear and convincing evidence that only the Syrian government were capable of of launching the chemical attack based on the analysis of the type of rockets, the composition of the sarin agent and the trajectory of the missiles. Yet, Assad caught red-handed has manufactured its own report to be submitted to Russia, a member of the Security Council with veto powers that rebels were to blame based on the launched position of the rockets as observed by Russian satellite!

It is high time that Europe and the U.S. band together to punish Syria, but with Obama hesitant and tactfully spreading blame by "consulting" the U.S. Congress, the chance of a concerted effort is near zero. We hope that future developments will finaly bring the downfall of Syrias Assad, sharing possibly the tragic end Libya's Mummar Kaddafy.

We also hope that terrorists will not have a part is a future Syrian government.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Gigi Reyes birthday bash celebrated in Youtube.

I saw this video in my FB notifications. This has been described previously in newspapers. It is about the office of Senator Enrile celebrating the 50th birthday of a Gigi Reyes.