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How Corona looks vainly academically at himself.

Above screenshot obtained on April 2, 2012. It still carries brazenly the claim that he won gold medals in elementary and high school periods at Ateneo.

Here is a copy and paste of the Supreme Court page on March 31, 2012. You'd think he would correct the previous erroneous information that he won Gold Medals in grade and high school at Ateneo. We copy the whole contents since the Supreme Court is a PUBLIC Institution supported by our taxes to let our readers see for themselves.

Chief Justice Renato C. Corona

Chief Justice Renato C. Corona, the 23rd Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, is one of the youngest magistrates ever to be appointed to the Supreme Court of the Philippines. He was appointed to the highest tribunal on April 9, 2002 as the 150th member of the Supreme Court. His age notwithstanding, he brings with him depth and perspective gained from many years of experience as a law professor, private law practitioner and member of the Cabinet under two Presidents, Fidel V. Ramos and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Chief Justice Corona had a sterling record as a student. He graduated with gold medal honors from the Ateneo de Manila grade school in 1962 and high school in 1966.
This is still so untrue!

He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree, also with honors, from the Ateneo de Manila University in 1970. Not so fast! This has been debunked!

It was here where he honed his skills in writing and argumentation, the indispensable tools for writing decisions with clarity, persuasion and sagacity. He was the editor-in-chief of The Guidon, the university student newspaper of the Ateneo and was secretary-general of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines from 1968 to 1970. He was also the captain of the overall champion team of the 1970 Annual Debating Tournament of the Ateneo School of Arts and Sciences.

Chief Justice Corona finished his Bachelor of Laws at the Ateneo Law School in 1974. Having married right after college, he held a full-time job in the Office of the Executive Secretary in Malacañang Palace while attending night classes in law school. Despite the heavy demands of work and family, however, he was a consistent honor student, graduating no. 5 in his class. That same year, he placed 25th highest out of 1,965 candidates in the bar examinations with a grade of 84.6%.

After law school, he pursued the Master of Business Administration course (without thesis) at the Ateneo Professional Schools. In 1981, he was accepted to the Master of Laws program in Harvard Law School where he focused on foreign investment policies and the regulation of corporate and financial institutions. He was conferred the LL.M. degree by Harvard Law School in 1982.

He graduated with an earned Doctor of Civil Law degree from the University of SantoTomas summa cum laude and was the class valedictorian. In UST, he was once named as the Most Outstanding Graduate School Student.

As a young lawyer, Chief Justice Corona served as special counsel at the Development Bank of the Philippines. He later became senior vice-president and general counsel of the Commercial Bank of Manila and later, a senior officer of the Tax and Corporate Counseling Group of the Tax Division of Sycip Gorres and Velayo (SGV & Co.).

In 1992, he joined the administration of then President Fidel V. Ramos as Assistant Executive Secretary for Legal Affairs, concurrently head of the Malacañang Legal Office. In 1994, he was promoted to Deputy Executive Secretary and later Chief Presidential Legal Counsel and member of the Cabinet.

While serving in Malacañang during the Ramos administration, he earned the rare distinction of having solved the perennial backlog of cases in the Legal Office. As head of that critical agency, he not only served as one of the President’s legal advisers but also wrote decisions and recommendations which showed an insightful and exceptional understanding of legal issues, as well as a mastery of the diverse options for resolving them.

As legal counsel to President Ramos, then Secretary Corona held, in concurrent capacity, the positions of Vice-Chairman of the Presidential Anti-Crime Commission; member of the Presidential Committee on Bail, Release and Pardon, the Cabinet Consultative Committee on the Government of the Republic of the Philippines- National Democratic Front (GRP-NDF) Peace Talks, and the Cabinet Committee on National Security. He likewise chaired the Appeals Committee of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) as well as various other presidential committees.

Committed to the principles of integrity, decency and simplicity, Chief Justice Corona and his accomplishments in the public service have merited public recognition. He was honored with a special award by the Harvard University/Kennedy School of Government Alumni Association and was given recognition as an outstanding alumnus by the Harvard Club of the Philippines. In 1998, then President Ramos awarded him the distinctive Philippine Legion of Honor medal with the rank of officer.

After the term of President Ramos ended in 1998, he was invited by then Vice-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to become her chief of staff and spokesman. It was in that capacity that he became deeply involved in the burning political issues of the day and, when Arroyo assumed the presidency on January 20, 2001, he played a crucial role in the new administration as Presidential Chief of Staff, Presidential Spokesman and later as Acting Executive Secretary.

A legal scholar at heart, he served as a member of the faculty of the Ateneo Law School for 17 years, teaching Commercial Law, Taxation and Corporation Law, the same subjects that became the focus of his many articles and columns in several newspapers. He also wrote for the Ateneo Law Journal. He teaches International Law at the Graduate School of the University of Sto. Tomas.

His competence in the field of law is recognized in the Philippines and abroad. In 2006, he was conferred the degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa by the University of Batangas for his “legal scholarship, professional integrity and judicial independence.” In 2007, he was again honored with another Doctor of Laws honoris causa degree, this time by the University of Cebu. In 2011, the University of Bohol conferred on him his third Doctor of Laws degree honoris causa. A fourth honorary Doctor of Laws degree was granted him by the Angeles University Foundation, also in 2011.

He has lectured and presented scholarly papers before several international law conferences and seminars, some of which were: the program on Intellectual Property Rights at the Academy for the Judiciary in Washington, D.C. in July 2005; the 9th General Assembly of the Asean Law Association in Bangkok, Thailand in November 2006 at which he lectured on class action, public interest litigation and enforcement of environmental and ancestral domain laws; the inter-regional meeting of a multidisciplinary group of experts on the role of sanctions in ensuring better respect for international humanitarian law, sponsored by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, Switzerland in November 2007; the 10th General Assembly of the Asean Law Association on ASEAN Charter – Taking ASEAN to New Heights in Hanoi, Vietnam in October 2009 where he delivered a speech on judicial reforms in the Philippines and the Asian Development Bank Symposium on the occasion of the Asian Judges Symposium on Environmental Decision-Making, The Rule of Law and Environmental Justice held at the Asian Development Bank Headquarters, Manila in July 2010. In June 2011, he delivered a speech on “Access to Justice” at the 14th Conference of Chief Justices of Asia and the Pacific, held in Seoul, South Korea. In July 2011, he addressed the International Symposium on Constitutional Democratic State in Jakarta, Indonesia and delivered a scholarly paper on “Constitutional Checks and Balances.” In September 2011, he was invited to deliver the keynote address at the Fifth China-Asean Forum on Legal Cooperation and Development held in Kuala Lumpur. And in October, he was selected, from among the Chief Justices from many different countries, to be the President of the Demonstration Court of the 24th Biennial Conference of the World Jurist Association held in Prague, Czech Republic.

In 2004, the Province of Batangas conferred on him the Dangal ng Batangas award, the highest and coveted honor reserved by the province for its distinguished sons and daughters. And in 2005, he was chosen as one of the Outstanding Manilans by the capital City of Manila. In 2010, he was given the Ulirang Ama award, his most treasured award.

On October 29, 2010, the Renmin University of China Law School, the no. 1 law school in the People’s Republic of China, made him Honorary Professor of Law in recognition of his legal scholarship and expertise in international law. He was the first foreign dignitary to be given such honor by Renmin Law School in its 60-year history.

In November 2011 he was given the Asian Leader Award for Judicial Excellence and, in the same month, was feted as the Inspiring Leader of the Decade by BizNewsAsia, a leading business news magazine in the Philippines.

At present, he has limited his active participation to three organizations: the Harvard Law School Association of the Philippines (where he sits as Chairman of the Board of Trustees), the Ateneo Law Alumni Association (of which he was once Chairman), and the Asean Law Association of which he is the Chairman of both the ALA Philippines and the ALA Philippine National Committee.

In the Supreme Court, he headed the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Oversight Committee, Chairman of the Legislative-Executive Relations Committee, the Committee on the Revision of the Rules of Court, the Management Committee of the Judicial Reform Support Project, the Committee on Public Information, the Administrative Concerns Committee, Security Committee, the Halls of Justice Coordinating Committee, the SC Selection and Promotion Board, the Committee on Ethics and Ethical Standards and the Plantilla Committee. He is the Chairman of both the Judicial and Bar Council and the Philippine Judicial Academy.

His judicial philosophy is centered on his commitment to uphold the Constitution and the law in order that the rights of every man, woman and child are protected and enhanced. When the voice of the weak and the oppressed is inaudible and unheeded, he believes that every effort must be exerted to provide them a forum where they can be heard and their rights recognized. He is deeply committed to the cause of protecting and helping oppressed and abused street-children, and the rehabilitation of former inmates as useful members of society.

His personal advocacies include the formation of strong moral and ethical values in the legal profession, specially among the young lawyers. He was Chairman of the Supreme Court Program on Strengthening the Integrity of the Judiciary in partnership with the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative.

Born on October 15, 1948 in Tanauan City, Batangas, the self-effacing and hard-working Chief Justice Corona is married to the former Cristina Roco. They are blessed with three grown-up children, graduates of the Ateneo de Manila University and the University of the Philippines.

He is the proud and doting “Grandpa” to the jewels of his life — Franco, Santino, Anika, Katrina, Natalia and Caia.

Read the article: Corona lied about Academic Honors

Also an open letter from a disappointed classmate,

Ceres Doyo opinion: claims of Ateneo Honors

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Raissa strikes again!: The Mystery of McKinley Hill purchase is slowly being solved A curious set of transactions surround McKinley Hill purchase for Charina

I just read the article and I am encouraging my readers especially law students to read it too. I am still mystified by the actions of the MBA, PhD trained SC Justice. So at best we present an outline summary.

  • Who owns the McKinley Hill properties?
  • The daughter of CJ Renato Corona holds the title to the property.
  • How did Charina bought the property when she is based abroad working as a Physical Therapist?
  • A lawyer witness bared in the impeachment trial that on March 16, 2007, Charina had executed a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) and Declaration of Trust to her parents, Renato and Cristina to transact on her behalf. Here is a portion of her testimony: Defense lawyer Dennis Manalo: Your Honor, it is our theory that the property is in the name of Ma. Charina Corona and that the Chief Justice made the payments in trust for Ma. Charina Corona by virtue of the special power of attorney executed in his favor by the principal.
  • What was startling about the Special power of Attorney?
  • The SPA came after downpayments!Charina's parents paying for the McKinley property nearly a year before Charina had signed the SPA and the Declaration of Trust. The buyer information sheet listed Renato and Cristina Corona as the buyer., not Charina???!! Here is the history of payments as recreated by Raissa. July 3, 2006 -- P August 8, 2006 -- P 494,016.400 Sep. 2006-August 2008 -- 57, 834.70 each month Total paid by August 29,2008: P4,858,114.8, all receipts paid to the Corona couple.
  • If receipts were issued to the Corona couple, how come Charina is the owner???>
  • Something strange happened on September 8, 2008. The Corona couple informed Megaworld that it was their daughter who made all the payments for the lot and the title whould be issued to Charina who was given a Deed of Assignment, executed by MegaWorld, on October 3, 2008. The defense panel even presented a TCT registered in the name of Charina, who denoted her civil status as "single", a stranger fact since Raissa already knew her married status when she saw the Roseville documents.
  • What is the meaning of these transactions?
  • If the property is owned by Charina, how come it was her parents paying for the property? Did the Corona couple donate it to their daughter? How was Corona able to pay for the periodic payments?

Conclusion: A casual review of the facts leads to
"Charina was made a dummy for her parent's real estate propert(ies}y) in particular the McKinley Hill.

Thank you Raissa Robles! The truth will out!

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Santorum blows top and possibly blows up campaign

Is Santorum thinking that his candidacy is more important than the Republican party?

Click on Santorums' bad hair week for the unfortunate incident where he blurted out "bullshit".

He sure riled up the Republican party by declaring that "we might as well have four more years of Obama". That is just so unRepublican! Currently Romney has 568 delegates to Santorum's 273 and Newt Gigrich's 135 and Ron Pauls 50. The last Republican president has now publicly endorsed Romney after his brother Jeb has done so.

We hope that the Republican party will unite to present a strong challenger to Obama for the presidency of the leading and strongest democracy of the world, the United States.

All scammers are mortal

Click on Celso Angeles, principal suspect in Legacy Scam dead

Will the Filipinos who were fooled into investing into a get-quick rich scheme of Legacy Scam get their money back?

We can only answer at the moment: Greed does not pay!

An interesting professional physical therapy document?

we have this interesting entry:

NV stands for the state of Nevada. It might be a true name coincidence, but we dont know for sure at the moment.

I am suspecting this must be a forged document and we will spend some time this week to see if this holds up. We will see if saboteurs are showing up in one of the hottest url site right now: where I got this (useful???) information.

Well, Charina's California's PT license is clean! Here is a reference site:$LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=33308&P_LTE_ID=832

Assuming that the names refer to that of the daughter of Chief Justice Corona, we have at least cleared up some of the air surrounding his daughter. is showing its old 2009 page! Something is amiss

Something is amiss at I get this old page
on March 28 at 7:32pm.

Hope the problem is temporary. The world will know I can be more potent in political blog writing is dark forces are at work bringing down one of my favorite blogs!

Nakuryente ata tayo! It was a browser problem I think. Looking at the url address bar, it showed Have to rest from following raissa ...

Is there an Internet "journalism" war over Raissa Robles damning revelations about Corona?

It is good that Raissa Robles, with the help of crowdsourcing, derided by the more senior Ninez Cacho Olivares as "rumor mills", was able to come out with the information that Corona's daughter solely owns a property in the state of California, USA. Chief Justice Corona, now labeled as TJ Corona (??!), firstly asserted that his family 101% does not own any property in the USA. Now he has came out admitting that his daughter, not him and his wife, indeed owns property in the USA. So Corona told a white lie, but a lie nonetheless. It would be 100% true if he has disowned his daughter.

If TJ Corona, was a public official in Europe, Japan or the USA, he would be forced to resign, but unlike these places which put a premium on the integrity of their officials( A german minister resigned over receiving FREE Airline tickets!), the Philippines is cursed of Lakasan(erring lowly govt employees get punished! while alleged crimes of high officials get ignored or even praised).

I came across the blog Danger Signs and I am amazed at the tone of the authors and commenters. There are others but I am presenting a list of articles to provide our own readers with informed opinion.

  • RAISSA ROBLES STRENGTHENS CORONA DEFENSE! the gist of the article is that, yes, Corona's daughter work as a physical therapist enabled her to buy real estate property in california and the Philippines!

  • ABS-CBN News positions hearsay ‘report’ from Raissa Robles as top headline, is generally dismissive of Raissa's post as 'hearsay', and non-objective.We can sense that the author did not read Raissa's original blog piece, since the allegations that the CJ owns properties there were not made by Raissa.

  • Raissa Robles shoplifting allegations, this makes the libelous insinuation that raissa and other journalists, Conrado de Quiros, Ted Failon, Rene Saguisag, Willie Esposo, are biased in favour — perhaps even under the payroll — of the ruling Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan!

    But it also blurted out that Raissa is a kleptomaniac and was once caught shoplifting! Interesting, where is the published news item about this? If this is untrue, the blog is resorting to black propaganda.

Enough at the moment, we will be back!!

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Is Ninez Cacho Olivarez an unhappy traditional journalist?

This blogger believes that Mrs. Olivares is simply envious of the success of Raissa Robles.

Ninez dismisses "crowd sourcing" as a rumor factory, ignoring the fact that CORONA already VERIFIED that his DAUGHTER has bought a property in the USA. Corona has made a white lie, claiming that his family, "we" referred only to him and his wife, have no properties in the USA. A white lie is still a lie. Further, Raissa only emphasized that the name Renato Corona appeared in public records about two US properties mentioned in Raissa's blog.

Ninez claims that Raissa is not a true journalist alleging that she cannot hold her own on the local media industry.

"""The blogger who credits herself to be a journalist for a Hong Kong and a European outfit, which makes one wonder why she can’t hold her own in the local media industry,...

Raissa turn gets a supply of fresh gossip to keep her blog of falsehoods going and at the same time the blog feeds that she gets from Malacañang is a good source of more rumors to circulate among the personnel in the foreign publications she works with, which all would not bother to check on whether or not the stories she provides are factual.

That was published March 27. Here is the latest March 28, "Non stop demonization" opinion of Ninez.

...certainly was malicious of the blogger, Raissa Robles, to intimate that Charina bought the US property just 22 days before she bought the McKinley property in the Fort for some P6 million.

She doesn’t even know the daughters of the CJ. What business is it of Robles to insinuate that Charina could not have possibly afford to buy two properties within a space of 22 days, if not to make people assume that the properties, both in the US and in Taguig, really belong to the CJ, and that Charina is his dummy?

What makes this blogger think that Charina is an impoverished daughter who can’t afford to buy a property in California, and another in the Fort, whether in 22 days or two years time? Does she even know how the California property was bought and at a time of the US’ mortgage crisis?

What does she know of Charina’s background and her earnings and savings, for this blogger to portray Charina as not having the means with which to pay for her properties?

And why even come up with that claim of her husband having issued a waiver, making Charina the sole owner of the California property, if not to again insinuate that she is the CJ’s dummy?

Ninez simply is losing her mind. She need to rest, reflect and be sorry for her attacks on Raissa. We dont know if Ninez has a personal agenda against fellow "journalists", but her statements about Raissa borders on plain envy, and is just being KSP.

For the full statements of Ninez, please click on The site does not have a direct link to her opinions, so you have to click on COMMENTARY field. The site really has no convenient navigation system. Good luck looking for the full statements.

Our visitors graph from for the last 31 days.

Our blog is listed in the, a political blog ranking site. It is trusted, unbiased, web-based third party offering relative ranking and visitor statistics. Here is our current 31 day summary visitors graph:

It is the unique visitors over pages views which carry weight, and the statistical reporting brings a dose of practical "reality" to aspiring political bloggers. But, we do not aim to be number 1 in the rankings. We only aim to be a respected, credible political blog in the Ninoy Aquino presidency era. Wish us well and suggest ideas by commenting or emailing the blogger at ernesto . adorio @ gmail . com.

Who is afraid of the Honorable Senator Miriam Santiago?

The lady senator said in public that no public discussion pertaining to the trial be allowed during the lull of the impeachement hearings which will resume in May 7.

Surveys on Corona were a “slap on the face” of senator-judges,
warning that those behind the surveys could be cited for indirect contempt by the impeachment court when the trial resumes on May 7.

“Don’t push the envelope too far because I might react because to me, this is really sacrilege,” surveys are very destructive.” Releasing surveys in the middle of a trial was a “blatant attempt to influence the mind of the judge,”

The Student Council Alliance of the Philippines released the result of a survey on Monday which was meant to gauge the students’ interest in and appreciation of the impeachment proceedings against Corona.

SCAP insists that its survey does not violate the “sub judice” rule, and said survey exercise is protected by the Constitution.
It emphasizes that SCAP is not a party to the Impeachment case of the Chief Justice.

Here is a rundown for the percentage of students showing distrust for Corona:

Percentage of Student Population
School Distrusts CoronaBelieves Corona not fit to remain
ADMU(Ateneo de Manila)41 45
AdDU(Adamson University) 78.3 76.7
TSU(Tarlac State University) 75.4 76.8
DLSU(De la Salle) 69.3 63

From a previous poll, seventyfour (74%) of students at the state University of the Philippines distrusts Corona.

For the complete story please click on Students stand by poll, "We are not afraid of Miriam Santiago".

Monday, March 26, 2012

temporary connection problem to

I got the following error when trying to connect to

Error establishing database connection.

We hope that this is a temporary problem and secondary mirrors may be setup. We are amazed at Raissa's hard hitting articles. Now we have the Chief Justice telling a white lie, (still a lie), that his family does NOT own properties in the USA. (His use of the wordfamily only referred to himself and his wife.) Further, he said that his daughter obtained the property in California "dirt cheap" for which we are thinking, wast it "dirty money?" Not her money but someone's else like the likes of Corona?

Indeed it was temporary, I can read the page. But there are no new earthshaking stories at the moment.

Is the Basa-Guidote money In the dollar account of Corona?

I remember something that 700,000 US dollars is in the super secret account of Corona. In 2008, the dollar rate was about 43.00 pesos to the dollar. so the equivalent in dollars of the BGEI milli784,090on pesos is 34.7* 10^6 /42 = 81078571 U
S$.. Therefore it is not a surprise that 700,000 USD may be stored in the bank(s).

We may get to the heart of the matter at the resumption on May 7 hearing that from all indications so far, especially the fact that the city of Manila under the mayor at that time Lito Atienza gave Mrs Corona 34.5 million pesos in trust of BGEI, We can now surmise that the dollar accounts hold the bulk of BGEI.

But this is just one speculative possibility.
AMLA should move in the month of April to get to the bottom of the dollar account including all transactions.

Impeachment court may ignore CJ alleged US properties at its peril.

Click on
Impeach court to ignore CJ's alleged US properties

Some of the senator judges will run for re-election next year. And public perception is important. If Corona can go away scot-free on his well crafted hidden wealth, the impeachment court will be on trial by the public itself for allowing technicalities to dominate the legal proceedings.

Yet, events may catch up on Corona, already, students are calling for his resignation which he should have done long before. The tactics employed by his defense panel not only punched holes of illogic in his justification of events, but already exposed Corona as a liar. Did he not say he stayed out of her wife's business concerns? Where did Corona get his funds for the hidden dollar deposits? And how much? Worse even the former mayor of Manila Lito Atienza has been exposed as a bumbling city executive, believing so much on a more then ten years power of attorney document! Where did the greater than 40 million pesos of Basa-Guidote Enterprises go? The defense panel and Corona has commited a lapse of moral judgement by trying to balance all the costs of the real estate investments of the Chief Justice.

I think it is high time that the silent majority should be more insistent on a morally and upright administration of public functions, including the Supreme Court. Corona should not feel lucky the Lent season is just over the corner. He has a lot of explaining to do. The most appropriate time to come clean is not on the day of resumption of the trial but NOW!!! Either way, Corona has succeeded of instilling a culture of big time corruption (if the money is really from BGEI, he should be charged with estafa, the city of Manila could have just expropriate the BGEI lot, intead, paying for more than what it is worth

We feel sorry for the lowly government workers who were stripped of their government posts just on mistakes in filling the SALN. We are sorry, not because of their punishments, we are sorry that justice in the philippines is twisted in favor of powerful men of the likes of Renato C. Corona, an Ateneo graduate, with false academic honors, with an MBA and PhD degree in law. A man NOT for all seasons, a man NOT for others, but a man for HIMSELF and FAMILY. He can take his "achievements" and "honors" to hell.

This time Raissa is explicit!: Corona's daughter bought US property in 2008

The explosive information is in's daughter bought US property in 2008

Now, the chief justice claimed,as published in the newspapers

Corona: Wed ont own any properties in the US

Raissa now explicitly claims that Corona's daughter, Maria Charina, bought the US property 22 days before buying the McKinley property that his family does not own any real properties in the United States. Raissa, helped by US based fans of her blog, has come out with information that

Corona's daughter, Maria Charina, bought the US property 22 days before buying the McKinley property.

"The property is very intriguing because it was bought shortly before the McKinley property was bought. That was in 2008. So it was CJ Corona who brought in his family into the picture so I think it is very pertinent, relevant and material that people follow the money trail and that I think makes his dollar bank deposits very relevant to the case," she told Mornings@ANC.

Robles pointed out it is only Maria Charina who is the sole owner of the property after her husband signed a waiver.

"The clearest thing though is that it is only the daughter who owns the property. It is not a conjugal thing. The husband signed a waiver to the property. You wonder why the arrangement was that way. And the property was bought 22 days before the McKinley property was bought. You ask yourself – why would someone take 2 liabilities so close to each other, almost at the same time? Is this a period of recession in the US?" she said.

Raissa might have uncovered the US dollars acccount link! but a nagging question is: If Corona really said his family does not own any property in the US, has he disowned his daughter?

Or, is Corona one of the biggest liars of the Philippines?

And time now for AMLA to force open the information in the dollar accounts of Corona. After all, Corona is NOT a foreigner whose dollar accounts are safe from prying eyes of the world by being protected by a PHilippine Banking law!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Raissa Robles article getting a lot of fans and heat.

I posted a comment on Negros Bloggers and found out that it kept getting mysteriously erased.

Firstly, in Raissa's blog article, Does Renato C. Corona have a clone living in the US?, nowhere she stated that Corona owns the properties in Florida nad California.

Unfortunately, this disclaimer may not be read by other people resulting in stupid allegations that Raissa claimed Corona owns these properties!

Instead, she was struck by the more than passing coincidences of the name of the chief justice associated with the real estate propertyies.

Already there are 1,118 comments posted under Raissa's article. And wonderful!, readers are now forthcoming with information in the freer United States.

Now we have the spectacle of the defense panel made to look like lying fool(s),when they claimed that it was just a namesake. However CJ Renato Corona VERIFIED that he is the Corona alluded to in the article! But he denied that he or his family owns the aforementioned properties.

Again, lets cool off and wait for further developments. Already there is tantalizing information coming out that yes, one Charina Corona Corona Salgado owns a Roseville California property. If indeed she is the Chief Justice daughter, and the information is doubly verified, we have a dammning proof that CJ is a lying chief justice.

One commenter in Negros Bloggers commented that Raissa wrote with malice. I dare say that Malice is in the eye of the reader. We should be informed of the TRUE and BLUE character of CJ Corona, a man not for others (as Ateneo grads are said to be) but a man for himself and family.

Note: May 18, 2012, a certain commenter Risa Rubbles replied to our blog post, but a quick check in the Internet showed that it is the same he/she wrote as a comment to the globalbalita.

President snubs WCC head, what can we really do?

We should not be unhappy with it or mad about it. There are catholics, proterstants, mormons and muslims and atheists in the country. We are a non-secular state, observing freedom of religion or non-religion. The president has his reasons which may be frivolous sounding to us, but he is president. Let him live with the consequencies of the "snubbing".

Click on Aquino slammed for snubbing leader of World Council of Churches.


Protestant leaders on Saturday expressed disappointment with Malacañang’s change of heart when it decided to scrap a meeting between President Aquino and the Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit, secretary general of the World Council of Churches (WCC).

SALN cases, it is not just a mere scrap of paper.

We try to list all cases of government employess who were dismissed from service for non reporting of business interest, even the ownership of two cars in the SALN form.

1. [Ref 1] NARITA RABE, complainant, vs. DELSA M. FLORES, Interpreter III, RTC, Branch IV, Panabo, Davao, respondent:

Dishonesty and for failure to disclose in her SALN her business interest which was a stall in the market. (Section 8, RA 6713).
“Decision: Dismissal from service with forfeiture of all retirement benifits, accrued vacation leave with prejudice to reemployment. — SC

2. [Ref 2] Taxpayer vs Doblada, RTC Sheriff ( June 8. 2005) Violation: Inconsistencies, and omissions in his SALN consisting of properties and business interest. Declared only 2 years or more later.
“Decision: Dismissal — RTC

3.[REf 2] Flores vs Montamayor ( June 8,2011). Violation: Failure to declare 2 expensive cars in his 2001 and 2002.
“Decision: Dismissal —SC

4. [Ref 2] Pleyto vs PNP-CIDG (November 23, 2007) Violation: Negligence for failure to provide detailed list in the SALN of his assets and business and relying to the family bookkeeper and signed it. SALN fully disclose all his assets and wife had business interests.

5. [Ref. 3]: Carabeo's failure to disclose three motor vehicles
misdeclaring the acquisition cost of a real property in Laguna, and falsely declaring his net worth in his SALN for 2003.

WARNING: Supreme Court: SALN contents can't be 'corrected'
If the defense panel think that Corona can correct his erroneous SALN filings, his own institution has already judged on this aspect.

Bloggers need to pay tax! An opinion from Outspoken media. This is an american blog. A specific law must be passed for Philippine bloggers!


1. Delsa Flores case

2. Ducky Paredes blogs/2012/03/13

3. SC judiciary, Carabeo case

4. Harry Roque blog: Corona's not so secret account

Follow the interesting comments of readers of Raissa Robles blog!

The link is

One of the properties is in the name of his daughter. Will try to extract the pertinent information, but we suggest you follow and read Another site worth following is

Have a good summer and a spiritual rest. Me, I will be busy getting rid of my books by blogging and web publishing my understanding of the contents.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Corona couple chickens out on testifying in impeachment court

The latest news from the defense panel is that it sees no need for Corona couple to appear it the impeachment hearing.

See Defense fears Coronas would be ridiculed if they testify

Excerpt from above:

Citing fears that their clients might be subjected to intense grilling and public ridicule, the defense panel on Friday said it might not call Chief Justice Renato Corona and his wife Cristina to the witness stand, after all.

Defense lawyers Tranquil Salvador III and Rico Paolo Quicho said that Corona and his wife Cristina, who have already been “stripped in public” by the impeachment trial, would rather risk a potential public backlash than be subjected to intense grilling and ridicule at the Senate impeachment court.

The defense’s latest move came amid calls on Friday by leaders of a Jesuit-led religious organization and a Catholic schools’ association for the Chief Justice to open his dollar accounts, take a leave of absence from the Supreme Court and personally testify in the impeachment trial.

Exposed??!! Does Corona have properties in the good old U.S.A.?

Another astounding explosive investigative article from

The supreme court Chief Justice wont find the summer break peaceful for him. Recent developments has unmasked that a certain
Renato C. Corona has properties in Tampa, Florida and is related to people with same names as his wife and children.

This only shows that private investigators are a lot smarter than the public prosecutors we pay via our hard earned tax money!

Here is the link: Does Renato Corona have a clone living in the US

We are praying that Corona will NOT be pressured too much during the Lente and summer break as to do an Angelo Reyes act. The late Mr. Angelo Reyes still had a sense of honor!

The pressure is indeed piling up on him, courtesy of the crafty methods of his defense panel which opened avenues not only to the opposition but to the general Juan Q Public about his sense of national service and ethics. If the expose' is true, then Corona is cooked! He is supposed to be an honest man, any foreign holdings(assets) should be also in his SALn.

Graduates of Ateneo have a motto to be a man others, and a man for all seasons, Corona follows a special different motto: A man for himself. If he had any active gray matter left, the sensible thing is to resign!

Thanks to Raissa, and also Rappler, the nation will extend gratitude to their selfless service of exposing what kind of man Corona is.

We are waiting for the results of the prosecution promise of digging up records of assets in the home province of Batangas of the Chief Justice.

We hope that the lowly government employee of Davao kicked out of the judiciary for not entering a market stall asset will have a belated justice.

We hope that the Basa-Guidote family will also obtain belated justive from the actuations of their black-sheep family member, the wife of Renato C. Corona.

We hope that COA will be given teeth in exposing irregularities as was done in the Manila City Hall-Cristina Corona transaction.

Disclaimer, added March 25, 2012:

Raissa did NOT claim that Corona owned the properties in the addresses mentioned. She was only interested why the name of Corona appears in documents and wants to discover the trail of relationships connecting CJ Corona to the properties.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Getting to know more the case of Mrs. Corona, the litigitious wife of a SC Chief Justice

I am sharing to my readers, another astounding work of, a well written article on Mrs. Corona, how she wrested control of BGEI, the family run corporation of Basa Guidote, from her relatives.

Click on The litigious Mrs. Corona for more details.

I hope the Senate would be able to bring justice to all including the long suffering Basas. I dont believe that Mrs. Corona will dare face the very public trial. Her past litigious life was shielded by the relative anonymity of public court proceedings and support of a pecuniary interested powerful husband.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is Santorum Republican enough?

Satorum said during a campaign swing in Texas:

"You win by giving people a choice, You win by giving people the opportunity to see a different vision for our country, not someone who's just going to be a little different than the person in there."

"If they're going to be a little different, we might as well stay with what we have instead of taking a risk of what may be the Etch A Sketch candidate for the future."

Another rival candidate N. Gingrich tweeted: "Rick Santorum is dead wrong. Any GOP nominee will be better than Obama."

We hope Santorum will not destroy or weaken the Republican party!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is it time for all Republican Americans to rally around Mitt Romney?r

The really big negative for Mitt Romney is that he is a Mormon, but presidents dont push their religious beliefs to the American people who have already voted by majority for the first American Black president in Obama.

Continuing state nominations battles might present a weak Republican presidential candidate against the incumbent.
The few wins enjoyed by Gingrich , Santorum should give pause to Romney to lessen his weaknesses which is usually a problem in image projection. Is Romney a real conservative? Can he reach out to more white evangelical and moderate and high income voters? Can he unite the fractured Republican GOP party?

The problem with this primary nomination process where one has to get more than a thousand delegates, is that the Republican challenger may be much weakened by intra fighting, and may be very weak in facing up to Obama come November in this election year in the U.S.

May the best man wins and America still willing to play the world's policeman. It has its faults but no other country by its history has shown greater support to democracy, generous aid to starving countries (even communist ones!) and a stabilizing force in the the world economy.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Senator -Judge Santiago: no more case against Chief Justice

People may think that the lady senator is grandstanding but does she have a point?

She is manifesting that the impeachement article 2 is badly and incompetently written. It should have stated that the Chief Justice has failed to disclose or declare salaries and properties in his SALN filings.

One gets the impression she is not really after justice or against corruption but she is for absolute compliance about the technicalities of the law.

It would be better if Santiago goes to the ICC and let her spout her mastery of the law to her fellow international judges. Begone!

Reading lists: Is Corona telling the truth?

We gather for documentary historical purposes the following news items which should give us a clearer picture on the Corona Impeachment Trial.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Iran abandoned nuclear bomb?

The world can breath a little easier if a recent March 18, 2012 Jerusalem post story is true.
US, Israel agree Iran abandoned nuclear bomb

Yet we still have this perplexing image of Iran projecting defiance against Western powers, non-cooperation with inspectors (especially on the explosives used for detonation). Added to this confusing atmosphere were reports that Prime Minister Netanyahu is showing impatience with the US in planning a military strike against Iranian nuclear reactors. Perhaps the economic and even banking sanctions are working?

We hope we have a clearer picture of the true intents of the authorities ruling Iran. But it would create a greater impact if the Iranian government would proclAim that Israel has the right to exist as a nation in the world.

Has the IBP become Corona's hatchet man?

Click on philstar, march 18:IBP exec says Henares may face contempt, disbarment


The spokesperson of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) said yesterday that Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) chief Kim Henares could face contempt for declaring under oath during the impeachment trial that Chief Justice Renato Corona did not file his income tax return (ITR).

Lawyer Trixie Angeles told reporters during the weekly Annabels’ news forum in Quezon City that Henares could also face disbarment if some party files a complaint with the IBP and it is proven that she lied under oath.

“The case may include violation of Code of Ethics, perjury and possible disbarment,” she said.

Really? We challenge the IBP to file charges against Corona for his lies on academic honors. Do it now. We will remember...

And we do want to get into the bottom of this. Perhaps someone has to interview Bir chief Henares on this matter.

We are also suprised that major media commentators do not touch on this topic (at least in philstar and inquirer, Sunday issues Mar 18, 2012).

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two developments showing Corona is very unfit to be Chief Justice.

The first item is explosive article that Corona embellished his resume, especially on getting awards in his educational background.

This shows the exttent of sheer dishonesty of Renato Corona to get what he wants, by resorting to lies and fantasy, about his supposed academic honors during his grade school up to law school years in Ateneo.

For full details, please click on Corona lied about academic honors?

Hey a lot of prospective employees, including public officials abroad get caught and are kicked out of institutions, including a Thai minister who said he obtained a degree in some Republic School.

The second item bordering on disgust, is Cuevas of the defense panel claiming it was NOT Renato Corona who prepared his SALN reports. Really, the impeachment court hearings have shown Corona to be a self-centered person intent on magnifying his own wealth by claiming so much allowances and emoluments. Corona is simply responsible for the preparation of his SALN no matter who performs it. He is simply evading responsibility on so an important document, a document established by taxing offices precisely to avoid graft and corruption, and obtaining illegal gotten wealth.

Corona has no more integrity and has been exposed indirectly by even his disarming defense panel( if you think Cuevas is cute) and a parade of witnesses.

It is time for him to resign before the people gets tired of the devious legal means (like having secret dollar bank accounts.)

We dare the impeachment court to open even without the permission of Corona, since the bank secrecy laws apply only to foreigners. Do the impeachment court believe that Corona is a foreigner? The world wonders!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Incredible Statements and comments in the Impeachment trial

  • Deed of sale notarized by SGV lawyer, says Corona wife.

    So what? The important thing is that the notary public must be qualified by the city.
    It is also strange that the notary public is in Makati whereas the transaction was done in Marikina (deed of sale).

    So what if the lawyer, Beth Montoya is an SGV lawyer??! Does that automatically empower her to notarize a document? Or cloak her with special aura of prestige to perform a notary public function?

    Heaven and earth may fade away but NOTHING will erase the fact that the notarization, witnessed himself by the great Chief Justice Corona was not BINDING! In other words the document should be thrown in the trash can!

  • "Sraightforward" replies of Vicente was "proof that he was telling the truth" says Corona lawyers, one of them T. Salvador. Added the latter:

    One can tell if he was telling the truth with the way he testified. (Vicente) was there for some time and he was consistent with his testimony. He knows the documents involved and even guided the lawyers to identify those."

    So facetious these defense lawyers are. In a trial, documents take precedence over oral statements.

    Only stupid people can accept these statement from the defense panel without thinking. One telling information which came to light is that Vicente is a second cousin of Corona, the Chief Justice who is on trial. The fact that it was the prosecution discovering this tells a lot about the legal IQ of the defense team.

  • Corona's vow: "Whether or not there was a TRO from the Supreme Court, I said I will open it in due time and the due time is next week. I have always said there is no problem with my dollar deposits because I can explain it.", (interview over dzBB on March 7 as printed in the March 15 issue of the Phil. Daily Inquirer, p. A.10

    His words does NOT carry weight, so telling of his credibility. Let's read what Cuevas response was:

    Cuevas , however feigned ignorance , saying that he"may be asleep or elsewhere" when the Chief Justice issued this assurance.

    Wow, the client speaks, the lawyer disagrees. Really the defense has feigned enough! This is a ploy to confuse the impeachment court, prosecution panel and the General Public.

Enough rants for now ......

Corona is in the Supreme Court for the Money, a viewer's conclusion

Draft post, subject to frequent revision/editing until this notice is removed!

We are amazed in watching television, the parade of defense panel witnesses to make statements that Corona is using his position to amass wealth by taking a lot of money in terms of allowances, since these are NOT subject to withholding tax. He is in the SC for taking in money for SC expense accounts without nary presenting expense receipts for liquidation. The picture emerges that Corona will prefer expenses and allowances that do not entail income tax, say representation alllowances say in the HRET tribunal, and these funds treated like a personal piggy bank need not be liquidated.

Also from the mouth of Cuevas, the reason Corona did not report his dollar accounts in his SALN is that it is protected by dollar account confidentiality laws! (only foreigners should enjoy this privilege). In other words, his honor is just in the Supreme Court for the MONEY, and knows how to hide in legalistic way illegally gotten wealth! Smart but evil, this former banker Corona!

Lets give a dose of Corona brand of justice to himself. Remember he was the ponente of some rulings sending LOWLY government employees to jail because of DISHONEST SALN reports.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Congress should ignore Representative Tiangco

We need men to lead the country, not crybabies who complain about late disbursements of pork barrel or development funds. Perhaps Rep. Tiangco has forgotten that he is in Politics.

Congress should not think of expulsion for Tiangco. First of all, he did not sign the impeachment complaint and his testimony yesterday in the Senate was a waste of time.It did not touch on the impeachment of the Chief Justice at all, but rather on the impeachment of the erstwhile Ombudsman Merceditas Guttierez!

Congress should ignore Tiangco, it should not make a hero out of a canary. Any man should understand that some parliamentary protocols should be observed. Moreso, this man has divulged the cell phone number of the budget secretary Butch Abad.

Monday, March 12, 2012

On day 27, defense panel making everyone look like fools?

What happened in the hearing today?

1. Senate will not accept any presentation of future witnesses on articles 1,4,5,6, and 8 and will not make a judgment on the articles. Call it perseverance for Cuevas, he is trying to drag the trial to a long long unbearable hearing.

2. Cuevas wanted to resurrect a preliminary hearing which was already decided by the Senate a loooong looong time ago!

3. Cuevas asserts that the impeachment hearing is invalid since the complaint was not properly presented or filed.

4. A voluntary witness, Congressman Tiangco was encouraged to testify about the impeachment hearing of, hold your hats, not of the Chief Justice, but of Merceditas Gutierez, the former personal Ombudsman of GMA :). The Defense claim that politics and intimidation (like non-release of public pork barrel funds) played a part in the approval of the impeachment proceedings. Oh, of course, impeachments are political proceedings! Also Cong. Tiangco DID not sign approval of the impeachment of the Chief Justice. This is a dilatory tactic of the defense. It looks like Tiangco does not act like a politician, but acted childish!

5. Now every one knows the phone number of the DBM secretary, which is a lapse of judgement on the part of the Congressman.

6. Prosecution should learn to object quickly to witnesses statements. Being a first timer is not a good reason, they should have learned already on the first 26 days of the trial.

7. Defense is showing hesitancy in presenting evidence about undeclared peso and dollar accounts.

8. Cong. Tiangco talks about Congressional proceedings, and we know that Congress is NOT the one on trial. The effect of Tiangco is to put Congress to unnecessary scrutiny. Call it political entertainment, but this just lengthens the hearing.

Well everyone does not feel good day today, but it is the defense panel that looks the most foolish of all today!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

USS Enterprise, a symbol of US power, soon to retire!

The first nuclear powered and longest and oldest(50 years old!) active aircraft carrier, USS Enterprise (CVN 65) of the US Navy will soon retire and is to make its last voyage.See USA Today.

Further information from the free and open online encyclopaedia:

Wikipedia on USS Enterprise which gave the following condensed information:

Class and type: Enterprise-class aircraft carrier
Displacement: 93,284 long tons (94,781 t) Full Load
Length: 1,123 ft (342 m)
Beam: 132.8 ft (40.5 m) (waterline), 257.2 ft (78.4 m) (extreme)
Draft: 39 ft (12 m)
Propulsion: 8 × Westinghouse A2W nuclear reactors
Speed: 33.6 kn (38.7 mph; 62.2 km/h)
Range: Unlimited distance; 20-25 years

It was first commissioned on 25 November 1961!

For photos, visit

We cannot post them here since the images may be copyrighted.

We would be happy if all weapons will be retired someday, but this is a chaotic world. We are glad the USA did not use its power to dominate by military force. That shows it si a really great country.

We are not suggesting that the Philippines will get a hand-me-down aircraft carrier. There are no qualified sailors to handle such soon to be retired beast.And the current atmosphere in the military is how to make money fast while still in active service.

The presence of Aircraft carriers and nuclear powered submarines is just one reason why the US Navy may not need to basing in the Philippines. It is not subject anymore to the vagaries of "nationalists" politicians. We know that the Americans have bases in Diego Garcia, Japan, Korea. Playing the world policeman is taxing and the US may fin itself too tired to play the role.

Incredible testament of the reliability of its nuclear propulsion plant: there was no publicly published "accidents " in its active lifetime!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Corona opens his mouth and talks with forked tongue

Did not Corona promise that the he would open and explain his dollar accounts in due time? Now he is telling the Filipino people that the opening of his CONFIRMEDdollar deposits will depend on the advice of his LAWYERS!

Did not Corona, NOT declare a huge amount of cash in his 2010 statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN)? In point of fact, he reported only "cash nd investments” amounting only to P3.5 million, in stark contrast to the more than 30 million pesos stashed in 5 peso and 5 dollar bank accounts discovered during the impeachment trial.

Did not Corona (and he still does!) claim and harped on that the impeachment charge was in retaliation for the Hacienda Luisita ruling? Yet this reasoning is not at all related to the impeachment hearing. In other words, he wants to distract those who wants to listen to his pronouncements.

NOTE: Now and then someone will point out to me privately about some grammatical errors. I do appreciate them pointed out. Thanks.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The dark things Corona did: Poke a gun at the caretaker of BGEI.

Who says Corona does not know how to bully? Read the shocking post of the good investigative reporting girl who never fails to amaze this blogger and which adds spice to my blog.

Her March 6 post Even the dead blame Corona! adds to her list of astounding scoops! In this post by Raissa, we repeat since we respect her, and believe the accident really happened sometime in 1997 was that Corona who was already a POWERFUL figure in Malacanang, poked a gun at Mang Indoy(Pedro Aguilon).

Raissa even posted a photocopy of the affidavit of Mang Indoy, the old caretaker of Basa Guidote Enterprises Building, now gone (since the lot was sold to the City of Manila.

What a bad character is this guy Corona if this is really TRUE. (In my mind this is TRUE!). Write your opinions in the comments if you believe it or not. Corona as a frightening bully really should NOT be Chief Justice!

Let the impeachment court rule to kick him out of the Supreme Court!

Who says Corona does not know how to play a trial by publicity?

philstar: CJ bares term-share offer

Who says Chief Justice Corona does not know how to play a trial by publicity?
Sometime last year, Senator Teofisto “TG” Guingona III and Corona met at the latter's father's house for lunch. In it, the senator proposed to Corona a term sharing scheme with associate Justice Antonio Carpio, a proposal which Corona declined.

ADDED March 9, 2012 10:19AM

Corona: I rebuffed Aquino bid for truth body


Chief Justice Renato Corona on Thursday said President Benigno Aquino III discussed with him shortly after his inaugural a plan to set up the Philippine Truth Commission, but that he told the latter if he had evidence against wrongdoing this should be pursued by the judiciary in accordance with the law and the Constitution.

There you have it. He does not acknowledge that the president Noy was in the best position to stamp out corruption. Instead, Corona proposes that it should be the judiciary who should be pursuing???! any leads. First of all the judiciary is not a prosecuting organization. It can only hold trials, not initiate investigations or probes into corrution. Score a -10 for Corona on this one. Further the judiciary itself is not so clean when it comes to bribery and corruption (the sentiment of poor people who cannot afford legal services). Corona badly missed on this opportunity!

What is the meaning of this sudden volubility of CJ Corona? and the purpose of divulging publicly to radio stations a supposedly private meeting and that he rebuffed the president about setting up a truth commision? Now, who says CJ Corona does not know how to play the game of trial by publicity, a charge he and his defense panel leveled at the prosecution pan

We would be happy if Corona will appear next week in the impeachment trial. But we remind the prosecution panel to be ready with probing questions for Corona.

We will update this post with more public pronouncements from CJ Corona. We hope he does not act like a cornered rat to be pounced on by a CAT.

Why only now? Corona wonders??

Click on Why only now? These are old issues.

Indeed why only now? On those times, Corona was powerful, a Malacanang insider and now the Chief Justice of teh Supreme Court!

Futher, a defense lawyer, Tranquil Salvador claims:

Esguerra insisted that Corona’s wife, Cristina, was “virtually the owner” of BGEI when a transaction between the company and the city government of Manila was made.
“Who was the controlling (party) during that time? You better check it out. The way I look at it, (Cristina) was the virtual owner of BGEI(Basa Guidote Enterprises,” he said.

Really? Corona defense' people are so cute. They only focus on the best picture for their client (Corona couple).

How did Corona's wife got to control a family controlled corporation? And how come it was she (as news imply) that the corporation building and lot was sold to the city of Manila to the tune of 30 plus million ?

Why only now? The Basas have stopped fearing the Coronas that's why! Hoefully, the impeachment trial is showing what the Court Justice is made of.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Congressman Iggy's body finally in Bacolod City for wake

It is good that the women in the late Congressman Jose Arroyo, for the third district of Negros Occidental finally banded together at least for this event to finally bring home the body for viewing in Bacolod City.

Per wishes of the Congressman, the burial will be at the North Cemetery where his and his former FG (still alive) brother's parents were buried.

It put to an end a sad short chapter to the life of a politician whose claim to fame is to bail out his brother from scandals.

Contrast this with the plasticised body of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos which lie still in Batac town for morbid viewing by curiosity visitors. Marcos who could have lead the country to greater glories, thought more of satiating his and his family wants over the needs of the Filipino people, in start contrast to South Korea's Park Chung Hee, Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew and Taiwan's Chang Kai-Shek.
Unfortunately FM descendants wants a state-hero burial for FM, which does not bring cheer to the victims and their heirs of the martial law era.

Futher reading:

Sunstar, March 6: Iggy Arroyo's remaind now in Neg. Occidental

Visayan Daily Star, March 7: Widow and long-time partner met at Iggy's wake

Philtar, march 7: Iggy's remains arrrive in Negros Occidental.