Saturday, March 24, 2012

Exposed??!! Does Corona have properties in the good old U.S.A.?

Another astounding explosive investigative article from

The supreme court Chief Justice wont find the summer break peaceful for him. Recent developments has unmasked that a certain
Renato C. Corona has properties in Tampa, Florida and is related to people with same names as his wife and children.

This only shows that private investigators are a lot smarter than the public prosecutors we pay via our hard earned tax money!

Here is the link: Does Renato Corona have a clone living in the US

We are praying that Corona will NOT be pressured too much during the Lente and summer break as to do an Angelo Reyes act. The late Mr. Angelo Reyes still had a sense of honor!

The pressure is indeed piling up on him, courtesy of the crafty methods of his defense panel which opened avenues not only to the opposition but to the general Juan Q Public about his sense of national service and ethics. If the expose' is true, then Corona is cooked! He is supposed to be an honest man, any foreign holdings(assets) should be also in his SALn.

Graduates of Ateneo have a motto to be a man others, and a man for all seasons, Corona follows a special different motto: A man for himself. If he had any active gray matter left, the sensible thing is to resign!

Thanks to Raissa, and also Rappler, the nation will extend gratitude to their selfless service of exposing what kind of man Corona is.

We are waiting for the results of the prosecution promise of digging up records of assets in the home province of Batangas of the Chief Justice.

We hope that the lowly government employee of Davao kicked out of the judiciary for not entering a market stall asset will have a belated justice.

We hope that the Basa-Guidote family will also obtain belated justive from the actuations of their black-sheep family member, the wife of Renato C. Corona.

We hope that COA will be given teeth in exposing irregularities as was done in the Manila City Hall-Cristina Corona transaction.

Disclaimer, added March 25, 2012:

Raissa did NOT claim that Corona owned the properties in the addresses mentioned. She was only interested why the name of Corona appears in documents and wants to discover the trail of relationships connecting CJ Corona to the properties.

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