Monday, March 26, 2012

Impeachment court may ignore CJ alleged US properties at its peril.

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Impeach court to ignore CJ's alleged US properties

Some of the senator judges will run for re-election next year. And public perception is important. If Corona can go away scot-free on his well crafted hidden wealth, the impeachment court will be on trial by the public itself for allowing technicalities to dominate the legal proceedings.

Yet, events may catch up on Corona, already, students are calling for his resignation which he should have done long before. The tactics employed by his defense panel not only punched holes of illogic in his justification of events, but already exposed Corona as a liar. Did he not say he stayed out of her wife's business concerns? Where did Corona get his funds for the hidden dollar deposits? And how much? Worse even the former mayor of Manila Lito Atienza has been exposed as a bumbling city executive, believing so much on a more then ten years power of attorney document! Where did the greater than 40 million pesos of Basa-Guidote Enterprises go? The defense panel and Corona has commited a lapse of moral judgement by trying to balance all the costs of the real estate investments of the Chief Justice.

I think it is high time that the silent majority should be more insistent on a morally and upright administration of public functions, including the Supreme Court. Corona should not feel lucky the Lent season is just over the corner. He has a lot of explaining to do. The most appropriate time to come clean is not on the day of resumption of the trial but NOW!!! Either way, Corona has succeeded of instilling a culture of big time corruption (if the money is really from BGEI, he should be charged with estafa, the city of Manila could have just expropriate the BGEI lot, intead, paying for more than what it is worth

We feel sorry for the lowly government workers who were stripped of their government posts just on mistakes in filling the SALN. We are sorry, not because of their punishments, we are sorry that justice in the philippines is twisted in favor of powerful men of the likes of Renato C. Corona, an Ateneo graduate, with false academic honors, with an MBA and PhD degree in law. A man NOT for all seasons, a man NOT for others, but a man for HIMSELF and FAMILY. He can take his "achievements" and "honors" to hell.

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  1. Sa mga detractors ko..

    ang sakit nyo magparatang.. this is not what i deserve for ferreting out the truth. i'm doing this for the love of country. ano magagawa ko. i was given evidence, and i have the responsibility to let the people know.

    i hope people know how to think critically. ask questions. insinuate whether CJ used a dummy through charina. was she really capable of buying two properties in a month time? sige nga..marunong ba kayo mag-isip? ang hirap kasi sa pilipino utak tuta, mga loyalista, mga bayaran ng mga corona at arroyo.

    ang dapat isukli nyo sa akin, papuri, palakpak, katanyagan, pera. ito ang matagal ko nang pinapangarap. wag nga kayong crab mentality. kung kayo walang pangarap sa buhay. maupo na lang kayo magdamag sa harap ng internet at mag comment sa mga issue. mind your own business.

    i graduated magna cum laude at hindi ako bababa sa level nyo. you are bunches of cheap people..

    may your minds be enlightened as the truth will set you free..