Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Corona is in the Supreme Court for the Money, a viewer's conclusion

Draft post, subject to frequent revision/editing until this notice is removed!

We are amazed in watching television, the parade of defense panel witnesses to make statements that Corona is using his position to amass wealth by taking a lot of money in terms of allowances, since these are NOT subject to withholding tax. He is in the SC for taking in money for SC expense accounts without nary presenting expense receipts for liquidation. The picture emerges that Corona will prefer expenses and allowances that do not entail income tax, say representation alllowances say in the HRET tribunal, and these funds treated like a personal piggy bank need not be liquidated.

Also from the mouth of Cuevas, the reason Corona did not report his dollar accounts in his SALN is that it is protected by dollar account confidentiality laws! (only foreigners should enjoy this privilege). In other words, his honor is just in the Supreme Court for the MONEY, and knows how to hide in legalistic way illegally gotten wealth! Smart but evil, this former banker Corona!

Lets give a dose of Corona brand of justice to himself. Remember he was the ponente of some rulings sending LOWLY government employees to jail because of DISHONEST SALN reports.

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