Saturday, March 24, 2012

Corona couple chickens out on testifying in impeachment court

The latest news from the defense panel is that it sees no need for Corona couple to appear it the impeachment hearing.

See Defense fears Coronas would be ridiculed if they testify

Excerpt from above:

Citing fears that their clients might be subjected to intense grilling and public ridicule, the defense panel on Friday said it might not call Chief Justice Renato Corona and his wife Cristina to the witness stand, after all.

Defense lawyers Tranquil Salvador III and Rico Paolo Quicho said that Corona and his wife Cristina, who have already been “stripped in public” by the impeachment trial, would rather risk a potential public backlash than be subjected to intense grilling and ridicule at the Senate impeachment court.

The defense’s latest move came amid calls on Friday by leaders of a Jesuit-led religious organization and a Catholic schools’ association for the Chief Justice to open his dollar accounts, take a leave of absence from the Supreme Court and personally testify in the impeachment trial.

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