Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is it time for all Republican Americans to rally around Mitt Romney?r

The really big negative for Mitt Romney is that he is a Mormon, but presidents dont push their religious beliefs to the American people who have already voted by majority for the first American Black president in Obama.

Continuing state nominations battles might present a weak Republican presidential candidate against the incumbent.
The few wins enjoyed by Gingrich , Santorum should give pause to Romney to lessen his weaknesses which is usually a problem in image projection. Is Romney a real conservative? Can he reach out to more white evangelical and moderate and high income voters? Can he unite the fractured Republican GOP party?

The problem with this primary nomination process where one has to get more than a thousand delegates, is that the Republican challenger may be much weakened by intra fighting, and may be very weak in facing up to Obama come November in this election year in the U.S.

May the best man wins and America still willing to play the world's policeman. It has its faults but no other country by its history has shown greater support to democracy, generous aid to starving countries (even communist ones!) and a stabilizing force in the the world economy.

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