Thursday, March 8, 2012

The dark things Corona did: Poke a gun at the caretaker of BGEI.

Who says Corona does not know how to bully? Read the shocking post of the good investigative reporting girl who never fails to amaze this blogger and which adds spice to my blog.

Her March 6 post Even the dead blame Corona! adds to her list of astounding scoops! In this post by Raissa, we repeat since we respect her, and believe the accident really happened sometime in 1997 was that Corona who was already a POWERFUL figure in Malacanang, poked a gun at Mang Indoy(Pedro Aguilon).

Raissa even posted a photocopy of the affidavit of Mang Indoy, the old caretaker of Basa Guidote Enterprises Building, now gone (since the lot was sold to the City of Manila.

What a bad character is this guy Corona if this is really TRUE. (In my mind this is TRUE!). Write your opinions in the comments if you believe it or not. Corona as a frightening bully really should NOT be Chief Justice!

Let the impeachment court rule to kick him out of the Supreme Court!

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