Thursday, March 29, 2012

Raissa strikes again!: The Mystery of McKinley Hill purchase is slowly being solved A curious set of transactions surround McKinley Hill purchase for Charina

I just read the article and I am encouraging my readers especially law students to read it too. I am still mystified by the actions of the MBA, PhD trained SC Justice. So at best we present an outline summary.

  • Who owns the McKinley Hill properties?
  • The daughter of CJ Renato Corona holds the title to the property.
  • How did Charina bought the property when she is based abroad working as a Physical Therapist?
  • A lawyer witness bared in the impeachment trial that on March 16, 2007, Charina had executed a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) and Declaration of Trust to her parents, Renato and Cristina to transact on her behalf. Here is a portion of her testimony: Defense lawyer Dennis Manalo: Your Honor, it is our theory that the property is in the name of Ma. Charina Corona and that the Chief Justice made the payments in trust for Ma. Charina Corona by virtue of the special power of attorney executed in his favor by the principal.
  • What was startling about the Special power of Attorney?
  • The SPA came after downpayments!Charina's parents paying for the McKinley property nearly a year before Charina had signed the SPA and the Declaration of Trust. The buyer information sheet listed Renato and Cristina Corona as the buyer., not Charina???!! Here is the history of payments as recreated by Raissa. July 3, 2006 -- P August 8, 2006 -- P 494,016.400 Sep. 2006-August 2008 -- 57, 834.70 each month Total paid by August 29,2008: P4,858,114.8, all receipts paid to the Corona couple.
  • If receipts were issued to the Corona couple, how come Charina is the owner???>
  • Something strange happened on September 8, 2008. The Corona couple informed Megaworld that it was their daughter who made all the payments for the lot and the title whould be issued to Charina who was given a Deed of Assignment, executed by MegaWorld, on October 3, 2008. The defense panel even presented a TCT registered in the name of Charina, who denoted her civil status as "single", a stranger fact since Raissa already knew her married status when she saw the Roseville documents.
  • What is the meaning of these transactions?
  • If the property is owned by Charina, how come it was her parents paying for the property? Did the Corona couple donate it to their daughter? How was Corona able to pay for the periodic payments?

Conclusion: A casual review of the facts leads to
"Charina was made a dummy for her parent's real estate propert(ies}y) in particular the McKinley Hill.

Thank you Raissa Robles! The truth will out!

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