Sunday, February 19, 2012

Poor Iggy! His body is still in London.

We do know that Iggy, Jose Arroyo, has been relied by the first family often to be the "fall guy" in some hot cases involving helicopters, mysterious bank accounts and others.

Now that he has fallen dead due to a heart attack, his body still remains frozen in some faraway London morgue. I think I even read that English officials are calling on the feuding Iggy Arroyo members(a former wife, a mistress) to clear up the custody battle, a legal impediment to bringing him(dead body) home! Even his daughter cannot claim her father's body.

Such is the fate of honorable but very rich congressman of the third district district of Negros Occidental.

It is more than twenty days already! Enough! Even I, a Filipino, will feel a little shame about this macabre event.

Once more, it turns out that the annulment of Iggy's first marriage was not even registered! Iggy is morbidly lucky that he is now dead and need not face the spectacle of two women fighting over and claiming his dead body.

Further reading:

visayandailystar: Ibuna, Iggy’s daughter win custody of his body
Hopefully this will bring an end to the battle for Iggy Arroyo's body. Annulment of Iggy Arroyo’s first marriage not registered — civil registrar Iggy Arroyo's body to remain in London a little longer.

Battle for custody of Iggy Arroyo's body continues

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