Sunday, February 19, 2012

Corona is blocking the quest for truth!

If Corona has nothing to hide, then he should have his dollar accounts information open to the public. Just the starting and ending balances should be enough to satisfy the growing din for more upfront transparency from the Chief Justice. He is now blocking the search for Truth!

Were if not for this impeachment trial, we would not have known how rich Corona has become. He trusted that an Supreme Court internal memo created in 1989 would have shielded him. But the hiding of SALN records from the public violates in spirit the Republic Act 6713 or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials. Let us not forget that Corona has exerted efforts via recommendations or being the ponente in some cases of removal from government service lower ranking public servants due to inaccurate SALN filing!

Corona has been forced, by less fortuitous turn of event to face the fact that his SALNs have been divulged in the Senate by a fearful Clerk of Court, exposing him to charges of gross DISHONESTY.

Now what remains for the prosecution panel in tackling Article 2, is the opening of his supersecret dollar accounts. As we understand it, the law was meant for foreigners to invest their dollars in the Philippines not for a native Filipino like Corona to hide his hidden wealth!

In spite of this private and secret dollar hoard,this fact is PROOF enough that by his sheer gross dishonesty by Corona, displayed for all to see in his SALNs, should be SUFFICIENT to declare him guilty of loss of public trust, and hidden wealth.

Simple corrections to the SALNs is closed to Corona for the simple reason the Supreme Court never gave a chance to people convicted of filing false SALNs.

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