Monday, February 20, 2012

Is Joker Arroyo guilty of fear-mongering?

After Corona, the honorable judge-senators might be next! That, is according to the amazing Joker Arroyo, who played a prominent role in the impeachment trial of the former president Joseph Estrada. After Corona, Senator Arroyo fears Malacañang will investigate senator-judges

There are now three investigations into Corona's account: AMLAC,BIR and the impeachment trial itself.


In short, three investigations simultaneously have been conducted against the Chief Justice. I raise this point my esteemed colleagues, we are acting as judges…As of now, it is Chief Justice Corona and then tomorrow it is one of us if we offend Malacañang,” Arroyo said during the trial.

“If we do not follow Malacañang, they can proceed against us for the information gathered through the AMLC. It is a disturbing thought,” Arroyo added.

Yes, Senator Arroyo should be disturbed but if only he engaged in his own money laundering or keeping his wealth in secure dollar accounts. We cannot sympathize with him on this one. You see, Joker was given a cushy position in some government owned corporation.

He has nothing to fear if he is CLEAN!

AMLC- Anti Money Laundering Council.

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