Sunday, February 19, 2012

Open Dollar Accounts! Religious leaders demands.

The law on dollar accounts secrecy applies only to foreigners to encourage investing in the Philippines, and this does not apply to Chief Justice Corona, who is being subject to impeachment. The law requires a written permission from the depositor(Corona) for the information to be divulged. We see that Corona, who has an MBA and once worked in a bank, uses the banking system for hiding his wealth from the PUBLIC.

A group calling itself, Association of Major Religious Superiors of the Philippines has come out in the open urging the impeached Chief Justice Corona to open his dollar accounts.

We dont know much about this group. But you can visit its web site at

This follows on the earlier call for the same demand by bishops.

We hope that the growing clamor will force the Chief Justice to REALIZE that he has lost on the Filipino PUBLIC, who did NOT vote for him, but was appointed by a president GMA who has dirtied her hands on so MANY Corruption and Bribery, ELECTIONEERING cases. Corona is now eating the fruits of his blind obedience to a president, whom history will judge a corrupt one. And Corona has become corrupt ALSO.

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